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New Earth Architecture

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One of our greatest passions is to create architectural spaces that awaken deeper love and peace within the body. 

This passion project is in devotion to creating homes, schools, health based spas, and temples for the coming era.

Interested in hiring us for exterior, interior, and garden design?

We are happy to offer a 30 minute consultation call. Feel free to reach out to us by following the link below.

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Spiritual mentorship

We offer guidance to individual's, couples, businesses, and communities and assist with deeper harmony and clarity in order to create a greater synergy.

Want to Learn more? Feel free to send us a message!


Custom packages designed to cultivate powerful transformation in your life


Api El Sof

A course on the ancient depths of the Honey-bee Mystery school, and its practical applicaiton

Integration Counceling

Weaving potent metaphysical experiences into your daily life

Learn More

Relationship Counciling

A grounded embodied perspective on healing and building relationships through understanding the architecture of creation.

Oracles Of Sophia 

Zefirah offers retreats, temple experiences, women's somatic healing, womb work, and has an oracular school. 



Delve into your subconscious to access the deepest state of healing

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