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Zefirah Seraphine 

Is an architect for eco based building in association with quantum harmonics

A designer for Seraphim Clothing Line

A healer in relation to subconscious mapping and deep somatic healing via sight and body occupation 

An oracle in devotion to deep healing and full body reclamation 

A honey bee advocate and oracular arts practitioner in relation to the way of the hive and the four elements

A Sophia devotee and channel

And a writer and spokeswoman on behalf of honey bee awareness, water sovereignty, feminine empowerment, and fantasy story telling.

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Personal Offerings 


Feminine Embodiment Healing 

In a world that is filled with manipulation and distortions around the feminine mind, body, and Spiritual connection, it is time for us to reclaim our truest nature. Not only for ourselves but for the whole of humanity and the whole of the natural world. 

Our natural state of being has been governed, raped physically or energetically, and taken advantage of for thousands of years. And now is the time to become lucid in the dream and reclaim our natural essence, which is innocence in its power. 

I truly believe that when the feminine reclaims her body, womb, heart connection, the entire world will shift. For we are the birthers of the future generations. 

I believe that there is a natural magnetic energy to the feminine. Each of us have a similarity of our divine blueprint while also expressing our own unique facets of the great mother. 

I work with women via one on one sessions of packaged deals best suited for their unique situation and essence. 

I assist women in aligning to deeper health mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

I help women become the source of their own power, and reclaim their voice, body, and holy blueprint. 

I help women reclaim their sexuality and creation life force energy. 

And I help with deeper relationship balancing in relation to themselves, their beloved, and their families. '

If you wish to work together please fill out the form below. 

Application for Feminine Embodiment
Which days are you available?

Thank you for connecting!


                                        Our conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg to the subconscious.


Quantum hypnosis gives us the opportunity to become lucid within the dream of our own lives. When we give space to connect to this vast ocean of information of the akasha we can bring forth the lucidity of our daily patterns and karmas that keep us in blinding loops and bring forth awareness to embodied our souls dharma assisting in solidifying our path and direction. 

The DNA is the ladder of the corridor of our soul and body. This meaning it holds the memory of our physical ancestry, our souls remembrance of this dimensional plane (other lives), and the vastness of our experiences throughout our souls journey. Within the sessions the subconscious will only reveal what is necessary for this life and the current initiation and dharma we are currently in. 

My foundation in hypnosis is in the Deloris Cannon method, which focuses on the quantum akashic field of the vast exploration of our other lives, which eventually leads to mastering the lucid dreaming realms and merkabic navigational system. I have extended my own practices into my method of hypnosis as Deloris has said herself that we are evolving at a rapid rate, and therefore so should the teachings of exploring this method of healing. 


Contact me to see if we are a good fit for an in person session... 

Application for hypnosis
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Aurora Seraphine Healer & Sound Alchemist


"Zefirah helped remember the wisdom of my soul through the process of QHHT. A truly priceless experience. Not only did I go into a very important past life for me, I was also able to go into an oracle state where I saw the future, much of which has came true. I also channeled what foods I needed for my body, and after seeing a specialist that proved to be true for me too! You can tell Zefirah is very familiar with the ways and wisdom of the subconscious mind as well, and has helped so much with post session integration. I am so grateful I was able to remember a lifetime that brought me much clarity, confidence, and remembrance of who I am. Now I know I can use the wisdom of past or parallel lives to live this life more gracefully and fully than if I had not experienced QHHT. As a hypnotherapist myself I can sense her honed ability to track me as a client and then a-tune to what I need most in the present moment to get the most out of the session. Truly a profoundly healing experience. I can wait to do it again!" 

Alieona Riley Transformation Guide & Hypnotherapist



Integration Therapy

Integration therapy is focused on assisting the individual with processing heightened experiences.

In a world that can be over stimulating, we assist the individual in being able to manage and find a state of  homeostasis amongst the potency of the world.  

The matrix system is moving at a rapid speed forcing people to move non stop without a moment of integration. Yet integration is what allows us to truly show up for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world itself.

It is important to give ourselves the necessary tools to integrate our life's experiences and ground it into the body so that it can be more integrated into the physical so that the lessons of life do not need to keep repeating itself.

This involves one on one sessions or group packages. 

If interested please fill out the form below. 

Application For integration therapy
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Thank you for connecting!



Ancestral and Energetic Healing Sessions

Ailments and disease show up in the body for a variety of reasons, one of which being ancestral genetic trauma which shows up in the body via compressed DNA. This in turns creates friction and stagnancy within our lives. We will be working within the deeper layers of the subconscious to illuminate the areas of stagnancy and suppression.  Once illuminated we are able to see deeper into the circuitry of the patterning creating opportunity to release and reset into a more aligned template in resonance with soul. 

Application for Ancestral Healing
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Thank you for connecting!


New Earth  Architecture

Exterior and Interior Design 

Dome Home


Mirror Homes

Building in Process

Temple Space and Event Venue 

Search for land In Process

Temple Spa and Ceremony Grounds

In process

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Seraphim Designs 

Eco Based Clothing

6% of profits for the pollinators

Coming Soon...

Milk and Honey mystery school

Opening to the heavenly nectars of our human potential 

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