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Oracles of Sophia


Exploring the lineages of the oracles via ancient herstory, subconscious geometries, and visionary states. While deepening into the inner mystery school of feminine divinity.

36 Day online Course

January 14th - February 18th

Azura intensive with Zefirah Seraphina

A deep dive into:

- Reclaiming and strengthening your inner pillar to bridge heaven on earth

- preparing the womb, heart, and mind for the bridal chamber, the oracular arts of hieros gamos

- Sacred conception, preparing for the expected ones, our children of a new era

- physically manifesting heaven on earth through architecture, career paths, partners, and community

- Tapping the oracles well

- Awakening the inner kundalini chrism

- ancient herstory and the resurrection of the oracles, daughters of sophia

- True Sexual awakening and illumination in relation to purity in its power

- Deeper lucidity within this reality

- bringing deeper sight into the subconscious mind and super-soul via quantum hypnosis

- the art of remembering: awakening to deeper sovereignty from within the corrupted matrix, calling yourself home

- The systems of the mystery school of the tree of life and the Sophia-Elion systems of creation

- integration and nervous system regulation

- dream practices

- A deeper exploration of myth, story, and symbology of the mystery school

- un-coiling compressed DNA from ancestral and personal trauma on a soul level, creating a deeper sense of safety and confidence within this reality

- reclaiming the stargates of our bodies

- deep restoration of sacred sisterhood

The oracular arts

As our society has embraced modernity, we have inadvertently diminished the significance of shamanism. spirituality, and the arts of  the oracle temples, fostering a belief that these practices are less valuable than financial success or conventional measures of achievement. However, reclaiming our bodies and souls as oracles is one of the most profound and transformative actions we can take for ourselves, our careers, our loved ones, our children, our lineages, our personal well-being, and for the collective consciousness as a whole. This reclamation is precisely what liberates us from the trap of the deceptive matrix systems designed to drain our energy and prevent us from engaging in deeper communion with our soul and spirit.

To be an oracle is to serve as a conduit between the realms of heaven and earth. It is to perceive with unclouded vision and unveil the divine feminine within. This entails awakening ancient wisdom and reclaiming one's true essence. As this process unfolds, the DNA unwinds from its compressed and trauma-induced patterns within the body. Scientists are investigating this phenomenon, observing that when individuals confront the root causes of trauma and cultivate embodied awareness, their DNA literally uncoils from its compressed state. This revelation extends beyond the personal sphere, as scientists have traced the effects of trauma through seven generations, influencing the DNA patterns within the body. The implications extend further, as there exists a quantum subconscious connection to past lives. I have personally witnessed miraculous transformations in myself and others as past life wounds are confronted and healed within the body.

As Oracles, we are entrusted with the sacred duty to illuminate the unseen realms and bring their truths into the tangible world. We are called to expose the deceptions and injustices that have long been concealed, guiding humanity towards a collective awakening. By fostering a collective remembrance of our true potential and embodied divinity, we reawaken ourselves and others to the boundless possibilities that lie within.

My Mythos in Relation to Awakening Inner Oracle

I underwent profound mystery school initiations into the oracular arts, catalyzed by a spinal injury following a full shakti pot kundalini awakening. For seven and a half years, I navigated the challenges of being handicapped, on-and-off. The injury, coupled with dreams, kundalini surges, fasting, meditation, medicine journeys, hieros-gamos initiations, and divine guidance from higher-dimensional beings, served as an initiation into the depths of the oracular arts.

Despite the pain I endured, my frequent query of "why me?" was consistently answered with the same message: "Because, my daughter, you are reclaiming the deepest recesses of the feminine psyche and soul from the underworld of humanity. You are becoming an alchemist, piecing together the scattered fragments of the oracles, so they may resurrect and rebuild my temples upon this earth." This was the essence of Sophia's words during my darkest moments of confusion and anguish.

I rewired the process of initiation, transforming suffering into bliss, joy, and ecstasy. Many past lives were reclaimed into my body and conscious mind during this time. The intensity of this initiation was indescribable, and at times, I questioned whether I would emerge from its depths. However, I persevered, eventually reclaiming the final piece of the puzzle that would alleviate the spinal pain – I broke free from the pattern of self-sacrifice for the sake of the whole.

After a year of much-needed integration, I am finally prepared to unveil the teachings imprinted into my being through the kundalini initiations with Sophia Christos.

During this initiation period, I experienced profound waves of bliss as my DNA was interwoven into the angelic realms. Transcending the veil via kundalini, I had out-of-body experiences in what I call "Sophia's Garden" – a paradise encompasing the core essence of Christ-Consciousness itself. Honeybees played an integral role in this resurrection process, facilitating my understanding of my true divine eternal nature and enabling me to reconcile with the mythos of the mystery school's fall and subsequent resurrection.

One might label my work as shamanism, but I identify more with the oracular arts, which is the lineage I am personally resurrecting in my life. My divine mission is to unite women, ultimately reviving the ancient villages and temples.

To those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and souls brimming with love.


The Structure of the Course

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience within a concentrated period of time. I intentionally chose the winter season for this program, as winter offers an ideal environment for deep contemplation and introspection, conducive to exploring the subconscious patterns of the body and soul.

Our weekly live calls will begin on Sunday, January 14th, and conclude on Sunday, February 18th, for a total of six live sessions.

Live calls will be every Sunday at 2pm est.

The calls will be recorded, ensuring that those unable to attend live can still access the valuable information shared.

Attending the live calls helps to fully receive the collective energy ,facilitating the alignment of specific information tailored to this particular group. However, whether or not you attend physically, once you enter the container, the flow of information will unfold as it should.

Each live call will span between one and a half to two hours, with an opportunity at the end for participants to ask questions.

Each woman enrolled in this course will have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one quantum hypnosis session with me. This session can be scheduled at any time before March 3rd. Once this deadline passes, the opportunity to schedule a session will expire. This allows me to create a container for my energy field and yours, enhancing the effectiveness of the session.

As part of the course, you will receive meditations, storytelling sessions, book recommendations, and invited assignments.

Every participant in this course will be added to a private Telegram group where we can share and reflect on our dreams, visions, and healing journeys.

If you feel that you require additional one-on-one support during this time, you can schedule one-on-one sessions with me at a separate cost.

Cost of the exchange

 First Package $422

:For live and recorded calls, meditations, stories, practices, and assignments.

:One on One telephone quantum hypnosis session that typically lasts two hours. This will also be recorded so you can go back and refer to it.

My hypnosis sessions alone typically cost $250, so that plus all the other content is a beautiful opportunity to connect and learn years of cultivated information. 

Two part payment option: $228 as first payment then $228 due a month later 

Second Package $770

:Live calls and recorded calls, stories, practices, and assignments.

:One on one telephone quantum hypnosis session that typically lasts two hours. This will also be recorded so you can go back and refer to it.

My hypnosis sessions typically cost $250, so that plus all the other content is a beautiful opportunity to connect and learn years of cultivated information.

This package also includes one personal call and one on one voice memos.

Two Part payment option: $395 as first payment then $395 a month later 

Third Package $240

:This is the most basic option. Within this option you will have access to the live calls and recorded information included with the other packages.

:You will also have access to the telegram group

:You will not receive a hypnosis session or one on one voice notes.

Two part payment option: $140 as first payment then $140 due a month later

I felt the call to make this course very accessible for all sisters that feel the call to the oracular arts.

If your wanting to work with me longer term plus do this course, feel free to private message me with any questions you my have, 

all sign ups must happen before January 8th!

Interested in signing up? Please fill out the information below to ensure we would be a good fit at this time!

Once all the questions are answered you will receive an email back with more information about the course and how to reserve your spot. This email will be sent out within 48 hours. Upon signing up you will receive more information about the course in preparation. 

Thanks for applying to for the oracles course! We'll get back to you soon.

With all my love, I am eternally grateful for all your love and support!

Zefirah Seraphina

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