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Azura Non Profit

Eco Centric Solutions to protect the natural world

"Saving the honey bee, is saving the eco system. for they are all connected and are inter-dependent upon one another."

Honey Bee Conservation 

At Azura we have created a research center and Apiary for protecting and revitalizing the honey bee. 


Water Restoration

Cleaning up the French broad river - Implementing new, cutting-edge technology that absorbs toxins.


Spring Water-source Tapping and Testing 

Making it easier for everyone to access clean drinking water.


Garden Outreach

We believe that local, organic gardens will save the world. We will continue building sustainable gardens with our team of permaculture experts.


Soil Regeneration

The soil is the foundation of our health, therefore we plan to create educational platforms for protecting the earths microbiome. 


Ocean Protection

We support non-profits devoted to ocean protection and clean up. 

Our Research will begin with Preserving and creating habitats

for the honey bee to thrive

The honey bee is as quiet as a hum and as loud as an apocalypse 

Without the honey bee we will not survive. 

They are responsible for 70% of our food sources.

We are in a global emergency.

actions need to be taken now. 

Through 6 years of continuous research and tending of the honey bee we have discovered the need for a revolution on honey bee awareness 

They Need our Help!

Honey bees are experiencing colony collapse disorder for a number of reasons; including Pesticides, exportation of bees across the globe/country, virus's, 5G and emf disturbance, lack of habitat and resources, and chaotic human behavior.

What is the Solution?

Let bees be bees!

The healthiest hives I have ever witnessed were hives that were allowed to

naturally swarm and live in their naturally insulated log hive habitats. 

They had access to large quantities of gardens and forests and

were not given chemical treatments.

They had the opportunity to evolve their genetics via natural selection (not forced insemination). 

They had access to natural minerals, soil, and mycelium.

and they had a deep shamanic relationship with the bee tender (harmonic convergence)


What your donations will go towards

Building log hives for local colonization for natural swarming habitats 

Building gardens and our educational outreach program for local communities 

Azura's apiary research center and natural food forest 

solution-based science to assist in colony collapse disorder 

community education and awareness programs: teaching at schools and community centers about the importance of bees and how to protect them. 

We will post updated photos of the progress made from the donations that are gifted. 

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