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Online Courses 

These Courses have been designed for you to engage with the material on your own terms and timeline for your convenience. Each Course has about 10 hours worth of content or more. This work is focused on the deeper esoteric mysteries of the tree of life, divinity within the living mystery school of creation, oracular wisdom, honey bee wisdom, Sophia and Christic Wisdom, kundalini, Indigenous wisdom of Gaia, 

hieros gamoes, and unveiling the depths of our human potential. 



This Course is focused on the honey bee mysteries in relation to the oracular path of Sophia and the ancient Melissae of the Mediterranean and the Origins of Rose Mystery School teachings. 




This Course is focused on the oracular mystery school of Sophia in connection to ancient Herstory, womb wisdom, the reclamation of feminine divinity and the deeper lineage streams of ancient Anatolia, Greece and Turkey, and ancient Egypt formally known as land of Khem.  

We also will deep dive into divine union, conception, and the bridal chamber mysteries. 


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Union Codex


Within this course we will explore the deeper union mysteries of hieros gamos, restoration of the feminine and masculine poles, the original geometry of the oracle and the king, the corruption of the porn matrix and how to heal it within the masculine collective, the deeper subconscious patterning of whats keeping union in division and pain, and the holy trinity and the family.


Wombs Gate


Within this container we will explore the deeper truths of womb wisdom and body intelligence in a way that helps you drop deeper into the somatic and sensitivity of being a woman and how to come back into balance and deep self love. 

This course will be designed more like a somatic journey deeper into the vessel and will be deeply connected to emotional intelligence, self care, and physical hormonal nourishment and cyclical awareness. 

We will also explore deeper states of union within the vessel which will create a foundation for sharing your sacred vessel with your beloved in sacred union. 

In the reclaimation of our creation magic, our inner world and the world around us will completely change for the better. 


Thank you for your interest in these online containers! If you have any issues with signing in please feel free to send us a message to .

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