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      I offer packages devoted to your personal journey of healing and expansion. The process of nurturing your body as a temple is a key component in the connection to divinity. We all have the potential to experience our unique passion through the embodiment of our "higher-self" frequency. It is known that our perception and manifestation abilities are directly correlated to the vibration that we carry within us. I am here to help you to attain your purest, and most authentic frequency. Thus opening the portals to your true, passionate destiny. It is our birthright to blossom into uniquely brilliant creator beings. As we support our selves through diet, meditation, yoga, and other healing modalities, the universe, or divine reflection of our self, responds by opening doorways and opportunities that harmonize with the Inner-vibrance we have attained.

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Addressing the Core Wound

Are you tired of repetitive patterns showing up in your life? Depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, metaphysical trauma, physical health issues, and sexual blockages are common surface manifestations of a deep core wound. Throughout the Metamorphasist process, we will follow these issues to the root cause. When we address these challenges from the deepest level, we can make permanent beneficial  shifts in our lives. 

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Turning Inward

          The Metamorphasist process will rotate around  fundamental principals, designed to empower YOU. The single most important aspect of this journey, and my only true goal, is to assist in the formation of a stable relationship with the source of divinity that exists within you. Once this process is initiated, you will begin to realize oneness with the source of creation. This is truly something to celebrate! As this relationship grows, you will be transformed into a creator being, one who is able to manifest reality. Meaning, you will be able to consciously choose the direction you want your life to unfold without perpetually being swayed by the unhealthy patterns that have been embedded in your subconscious mind and body since birth, and beyond. This process can be seen as an initiation into the "School of Life" or SOL, as I call it, From this new, and yet ancient perspective , you will be able to understand the deeper meaning within all elements of life. Life itself, within all things, becomes your teacher. Your greatest challenges become your greatest gifts. You will be able to learn more from a walk in the woods, than an entire lifetime of redundant mental static. You will be free to explore the infinite mystery, equipped with the tools needed to work through all the challenges along the way. This process is just as much physical as it is spiritual. In fact, there is no separation between the two. Practical diet shifts, exercise, mindfulness techniques, and emotional processing are all critical aspects of any healing journey.  This is an alchemical,  catalytic transformation that actually happens at a cellular and genetic level, activating dormant gifts so that you may utilize them for the harmonious evolution of humankind.

     The truth is, I am simply a mirror of yourself, guiding you back to the moment. The moment is your place of power. It is both your landing, and launching pad.  I want to see you shine! Not only for yourself, but for the planet as a whole. We all know that Earth needs more people willing to make this quantum evolutionary leap into a harmonious and empowered relationship with this precious gift of life. I look forward to the potential of working together, and I am honored to be a part of this metamorphosis with you.

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 All packages include weekly, or bi-weekly 90 minute "Zoom" video calls; along with access to "Signal" messaging app so that we can stay up to date and connected throughout your metamorphosis process.

To talk more about package pricing, and to assess whether I am the right mentor for you, please click the button below and schedule a complimentary 30 minute meeting

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