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Union Codex Council

personalized hourly Relationship counseling sessions designed for your unique journey

A grounded spiritual approach to relationship therapy


Art by Alex and Alison Grey

What makes Union Codex counseling different?

Most relationship therapy is offered by one individual, man or woman.

Both Zefirah and Ashaweh are present for every session. We feel that this is an integral element of full spectrum healing. We are able to provide masculine and feminine opportunities for reflection, which creates a very balanced and non-biased experience for for everyone involved. 

We have been there!  After unraveling the mysteries of sacred union for 10 years together, we are deeply grounded and well-versed in the vast spectrum of relationship challenges.


Sacred Union is the fundamental architecture of creation.

The original meaning of "Tantra" is the "relationship with all life"

Life force energy lives within all things. As we learn to tune ourselves to the true codex of creation, we are able harmonize with our Divine Blueprint.

It's your birthright to live within your deepest passion and purpose. 

This is a mystery school of the senses.

Bridging the gap between the world of relationship counciling and the Mystery School teachings of Azura. 

These sessions are generally 2 on 2; for couples, hosted by a couple. However, we also work with single individuals on their path to sacred union.


Are these the right sessions for me?

Are you searching for something deeper in your relationship, yet unsure what it is?

Have you been encountering consistent/stagnant patterns in your life or relationship?

Do you find yourself in new relationships with a repetitive theme? 


Are you looking for a beloved that aligns with your highest path?

 Want to take lovemaking to a whole new level?

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