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     We are in the process of building 3 pyramid retreat homes on our land, Azura. Modeled after the Great Pyramid of Giza, these structures are designed to amplify our bodies capacity to heal and conduct etheric energy. Engineered at exactly 51.5 degrees, with copper inlayed throughout the architecture, these pyramids are scientifically proven to create a resonant, electromagnetic field of energy within the structure. 

     Due to the principals of this geometry, the energy is concentrated in the exact middle, at 1/3 of the total height of the pyramid. We have designed a bio-resonance receiver to be positioned in this precise location; which will conduct this current and re-distribute it into a conductive lattice around the king size organic bed.

     These homes are completely off-grid with solar powered "Tesla" roof tiles, battery bank, and backup generator. Located in the pristine mountains of Weaverville less than 20 minutes to the heart of downtown Asheville. Each home has a private deck with long range views and a hot soaking tub.

     We believe that every human has an equally brilliant gift to share with this world. We know that it can be challenging to cultivate a lifestyle that is in alignment with our passion when we are surrounded by so much stress and distraction. Our goal is to provide the optimum nourishing environment for your divine blueprint to unfold gracefully. Here you will find peace and quiet surrounded by thousands of miles of nature preserve and national forest.


Spring water on tap

Copper bathtub

Infrared Sauna

Access to miles of hiking trails

Full kitchen with Vitamix blender

High speed Wifi

High-resolution entertainment projector

Access to chlorine free pool, hot tub, and cold plunge (coming soon)

Rent separately through Airbnb (HERE), or book a custom inclusive "Metamorphasist" retreat package (HERE)


Coming soon!

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