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Azura's Offerings 

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Book a custom wellness retreat at our vacation rental here in Weaverville, NC

  • Access to miles of mountaintop hiking

  • Guided waterfall trips 

  • "Live O2" oxygen sessions

  • Optional one on one counseling/healing opportunities

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Online Offerings

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Union Codex
Relationship Counseling



coming soon!

Personalized sessions with Phoenix and Ashaweh

  • Balance relationship dynamics

  • Discover deeper intimacy 

  • Manifestation Techniques

Api el sof

Honey bee mystery school

Online Honey Bee mystery school

  • Learn ancient ways of the bee priestess

  • shamanic dreaming with the bees to awaken lucidity

  • learning alchemy through reflection of the bees

  • deepening your connection to your bodies spiritual potential

  • ritual of sacred sensual arts

  • learning herstory

  • rose lineage connection to the bees

  • learning how to help save the honey bee

click the link below to learn more

Integration Counseling 

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Integration Counseling is a service designed to bridge the “metaphysical” realm with your “physical” reality. It is a full spectrum approach to support your unique experience, so that you may utilize every aspect of a new and profound initiation, in your daily life.

  • Integrate Psychedelic and Metaphysical initiations into your modern lifestyle

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Api El Sof Pilgramge

A holy pilgrimage to the heart of the goddess in turkey​​

a woman's retreat

  • Turkey the land of the original bee goddess statues 

  • the path of the Melissa of the Mediterranean

  • the garden of Sophia mystery school in the land of milk and honey

  • rose lineage tracing back to Ephesus

  • Artemis of Ephesus the city of goddesses 

  • The Turkish coast

  • Beautiful hot springs and spa

  • sacred alchemy of feminine ritual arts

  • trance dance, song, and breath

  • discovering alchemies within

Coming in the spring of 2022!

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