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What is AKASHA?

"Akasha or aether is the fifth physical substance, which is the substratum of the quality of sound. It is the One, Eternal, and All Pervading physical substance, which is imperceptible."

The name AKASHA represents the vast and limitless potential of creation. 

Akasha.Love is the space that contains all of our projects and visions.



Join the Akasha Collective for information in ways of empowerment, sovereignty,  leadership skills, abundance expansion, connective networking, and joyful expression. Here we will have videos and workshops online which will serve as the first steps toward building a physical open-source educational platform.

The Conduits 

Phoenix and Ashaweh have been inspired with ideas of Akasha since before they met in 2012. Since then, they have been focused on the purification of their mind, body, and spirit connection, in order to become clear conduits for this vision. They have devoted their lives to creating space for one's natural brilliance to emerge.
"Like the seeds of a tree
We can blossom effortlessly
All we have to do 
Is be"

Ashaweh was given shaktipat at age 19, which sparked his kundalini awakening. Ever since this mystical experience, he has devoted his life to clearing his body and mind to be an evolutionary bridge for higher consciousness on this planet. 

The name Ashaweh (ah-shah-way)  was given to himself by the highest aspect of his being in a moment of kundalini rapture. 

He is a personal life coach, with a focus on creating an abundant life in accordance with our true passion. He reminds us that we are truly our own guru, and offers techniques to come into a deeper relationship with this aspect of ourselves; so that we may be guided by our inner wisdom in any moment, thus leading us into a life of inner peace and prosperity.  

Ashaweh is passionate about creating a physical template for full spectrum regeneration and divine inspiration here, in the mountains of Asheville, NC, so that it may be replicated in key locations around the planet. These regeneration centers will serve as catalytic elements of transformation for the consciousness of our human collective.

Phoenix Zefirah

Phoenix is a visionary, dedicated to the health and well being of humanity. Through her years of continuous service in purification, artistic expression, and devotional dance, she has assisted in developing a fundamental blueprint that reflects a sustainable way of living in harmony with nature, as a reflection of our inner-selves. This blueprint is a work in progress and will continue forevermore. 

Growing up in upstate New York, she began her early years without most of her hearing, in deep silence, observing the world through eyes beyond her years. She has learned to empower her empathic nature to assist in the healing journey of herself and others alike. Artistically spirited, she grew up in a system that did not meet her learning abilities, which inspired her devotion to creating a resonant education system for all walks of life. 

At the age of 21 she received shaktipot, and began her devotion to the path of purity and peace. She is a student of love and continues to embody the ways of the initiate in communion with the quantum and timeless essence of existence. Using this connection to channel and bring forth the wisdom from beyond the veil. 

Phoenix specializes in many forms of healing; from dance and written word, to anointing rituals and light language ceremony.

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