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Azura is dedicated to fostering sustainable living through the creation of eco-friendly homes, educational institutions, and retreat centers. Our mission is to inspire and empower communities to live harmoniously with the world around us.

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A z u r a 

Azura is a sanctuary for

deep healing and establishing

new earth systems

 A place for individuals, couples, and co workers

to experience or facilitate events and customized packages in alignment with their unique healing and expansion journey

We know that it can be challenging to cultivate a lifestyle in alignment with our passion when we are surrounded by so much stress and distraction. Our goal is to provide the optimum nourishing environment for your divine blueprint to unfold gracefully. Here you will find peace and quiet surrounded by thousands of miles of nature preserves and national forest.

Here we provide private retreats that help cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace and sanctuary within ones own vessel. We are also an online school teaching about deeper wisdom in relation to the earth, nature, and deeper intuitive connection with ones own sovereignty.  

We planted this seed, in order to grow a "garden", including an eco village,  healing spa, water birthing center, bee sanctuary, education platform, monetary system, and more.  

Ask us about our design and home building business if your interested in hiring us to help you design and build your dream home!

Azura's Eco Based Building Project

Humanity is destroying the very eco system that gives them life, in nature this would be called a parasite, that is blind in its hunger for more and can never be satisfied. Yet this is not humanities natural state of being, for much of the world is blind in its amnesia and longs to feel fulfilled, This can be very challenging because the governing systems of this world restrict the freedom codex from fulfilling itself. People often feel that they are lacking and can never quit feel at home with their bodies and their environment. 

This is why we are so passionate about creating a New Earth template for individual, families, schools, health systems, and communities to create within structures that are not only harmonious with the natural environment, but with the people that fill the space. Working with sacred architecture and bio-mimicry we create a thriving environment for humanity to thrive. We are passionate about building eco made structures that support individuals in thriving in their environment both in the way of health and deeper success. 

We are devoted to creating not only the physical structures, but also the systems that are meant to occupy these spaces in a way of health and harmony with the earth.

We know that we cannot do this alone! And we look forward to collaborating with other creators in the future! 


If interested feel free to send us an email by following the link below.


Meet the Founders

In 2012, Maxwell and Zefirah crossed paths, both fueled by a shared vision of living harmoniously with nature and developing eco-based architecture and systems. Their mutual passion for sustainability and innovative green solutions sparked an immediate connection.

Their love and devotion have since become the driving force and foundation for creating this new circuit, a project aimed at transforming how communities engage with and respect the natural world. Together, they are committed to building a future where sustainable living is not just an ideal but a reality.

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