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A z u r a

we are

A manifestation and vision for building healthy solutions for a new earth society in harmony with nature and universal law of balance.

azura symbol finalized .png

A z u r a 

Azura is a sanctuary for

deep healing and establishing

new earth systems

 A place for individuals, couples, and co workers

to experience or facilitate events and customized packages in alignment with their unique healing and expansion journey

We know that it can be challenging to cultivate a lifestyle in alignment with our passion when we are surrounded by so much stress and distraction. Our goal is to provide the optimum nourishing environment for your divine blueprint to unfold gracefully. Here you will find peace and quiet surrounded by thousands of miles of nature preserves and national forest.

Azura is a retreat from the mundane world. A sanctuary for healing and rejuvenation, Azura features state of the art design, and body regeneration technologies; where people are able to undergo remedial transformation within a safe and inspiring environment. Along with the implementation of “eco/green” building practices, a portion of Azura’s profits benefit local NPOs focused on environmental preservation

This home, retreat center, healing sanctuary, and permaculture haven was created as the first seed of a grande vision, a vision that takes a community to create. 

We planted this seed, in order to grow a "garden", including an eco village, quantum healing spa, new earth temple, water birthing center, bee sanctuary, education platform, monetary system, and more.  

Ask us about our design and home building business if your interested in hiring us to help you design and build your dream home!


Meet the Founders

In 2012 Ashaweh and Zefirah met with a vision of a new world full of possibilities. Soon after, they had a holy experience of divine mergence and remembrance. In this awakening they were shown the macrocosm of what they are to build in this life, Azura's church is the first major building project of their life's journey.

Their love and devotion is the driving force and foundation for creating this new system.

Through potent initiatory experiences, Zefirah and Ashaweh feel a deep passion to assist and inspire others on their journey to oneness. 

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