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Women's Weekend Workshop

with Zefirah Seraphine atAzura

"Will be offered again next year!"


Honey Bee Wisdom


API EL SOF retreat 

A three day weekend workshop at Azura

Presented by Zefirah Seraphine

This is a workshop in devotion to Honey Bee Wisdom associated with feminine temple arts. Zefirah will be giving three  presentations on the way of the honey bee. From the functions of their bodies and the hive, to ancient HerStory, the mystery schools of ancient Mesopotamia, and the lost wisdom of the Rose Lineage in gnostic/esoteric Christian-shamanic practices of union.

Through years of being initiated by the honey bees, Zefirah is prepared to present a full spectrum experience for women who desire to deepen their relationship with the mysteries of the shamanic and oracular ways of the honey bee; Thus deepening their relationship with Sophia, the great Mother.

Within this workshop you will gain a greater understanding of the honey bees.

Many people cannot begin to imagine the intricacies of the honey bees, and all the ways that they impact us and all of creation.

Without the honey bee, humanity will not survive.

There is a dire importance to understand who these beings are and how we all, as a collective, and as oracles, can be of greater assistance to the honey bee collective, and all of Gaia.

What is the format of the workshop?

June 2nd

Arrive at 12:30 begin 1pm sharp

We will open by meeting the hives here at Azura to make offerings to the bees, and to set our intentions for the weekend. 

Afterward, Zefirah will give a presentation about the functions of the honey bee and the way of the hive. A deep-dive about the physical systems and ritualistic living within the hive and how that can be traced to ancient practices of the oracular arts.

Everything you may ever want to know about the way of the hive!

::Questions and Answers::

Collective Ritual and practice after the presentation.

Day Ends around 4pm

Women are welcome and encouraged to connect after the workshop with one another and explore the mountains, or go out to dinner. 


June 3rd

Arrive at 12:30 begin at 1pm sharp

Collective Hum

Zefirah will give a presentation on the Mythos of the Honey Bee.

Telling the ancient tales of HerStory in association with the honey bee mysteries and ancient culture of the oracle lineage. focusing on the fertile egg of Greece, Turkey, Middle East, Egypt, and other sub cultures.

She will also present the rose line that the bees taught her, linking the mythos of Christ and Magdalene to the ancient occult honey bee lineages.

She will also share the timeline of feminine culture before the fall and the process of the collapse of the feminine mystery schools.

She will touch on the macrocosmic and multi-dimensional  Sophia Mystery School teachings from beyond the veil,  deep into the subconscious and "forbidden" mysteries/memories.


::Questions and Answers::

Collective Ritual after the presentation.

Day Ends around 4pm

Women are welcomed and encouraged to connect after workshop or take their time to integrate on the land. 

June 4th

Arrive at 12:30 begin at 1pm sharp

Collective Drop In

The final day is a deep dive into the Sophia mystery school.

The mysteries of the honey bee and the serpent and the kundalini alchemy of creation. 

How the honey bees and the divine feminine and Masculine can be found within the reflection of the journey of the hive.

She will also share how to tend the bees and maintain a healthy hive in relation to the tree of life. 

As well as the quantum over arching view of the importance of the hive wombs of the land, and the wombs within our bodies and how that connects to the star gate/ heavens gate of creation.


::Questions and Answers::

Collective Ritual 

Closing Reflections

Day Ends around 5pm

Dinner option will be available to finish the retreat.

Individuals will have to RSVP on May 16th or earlier to ensure spot at table. This dinner is not included in the cost of the workshop, each individual will have to pay for their dinner. You are welcome to bring a partner or a friend if you like. Please make sure they also RSVP.


What to expect upon arrival:

There will be elixirs and some snacks provided by Azura.

The drinking water here at Azura is alkaline well water.

There will be pillows and comfortable places to sit on the floor or couch. 

The presentation will be held indoors in the dome on Azura's land.

Located 15 minutes north of Asheville, North Carolina. 

If you are traveling from out of town, you will have to provide your own accommodations.

There are no locations to rent at Azura at this time.

Things to know about Zefirah's teaching method.

Zefirah weaves between the physical tangible world of fact and science while following historical evidence of ancient feminine lineages and ritualistic practices, while also sharing wisdom from personal forms of initiation in relation with the honey bees while maintaining a esoteric link between it all.

Zefirah will also draw from personal kundalini experiences. 

Zefirah's training has come from deep initiations and teachings from years of esoteric/shamanic and oracular experience in full metaphysical contact with Sophia. She is a practical teacher with deep mystical experiences that go beyond the logical mind.

If you are uncomfortable with esoteric information or higher perspectives of what is happening within this world, this is not the honey bee workshop for you. 

Zefirah's training with the honey bees was taught to her from the honey bees themselves. 

They first began initiating Zefirah through a series of out of body experiences that weaved Zefirah's soul into her body, and her perspective into the heavenly gardens of eternity. 

The bees spent years training her in many ways: through physical contact, dreamscapes, oracular medicine expeditions, and by establishing Zefirah's body as a conduit for the bees to speak through her as a channel. 

Zefirah shares her presentation with slide shows for visual integration of the information. 

Her ritual container is held with the highest level of safety and purity, creating an opportunity for women to feel deeply safe and held within the space and their own experience. Zefirah's rituals were self created and shown to her from ancient memories remembered.

Zefirah is currently writing a book about the mysteries of the bees, and plans on expanding her non profit and apiary school over the following years.


Weekend Workshop Retreat Cost


Or four payment installments of $96

Limited spaces are available! reserve your spot as soon as possible.

All spots must be reserved by May 29th.

I have decided to make this workshop very affordable to all women who are devoted to these beeings, simply because honey bee wisdom needs to spread in order to help them thrive.


Zefirah Seraphine

Is a honey Bee Oracle trained in the mystery school of Sophia.

Her focus is on the biological evolutionary journey of kundalini in relation to the physical alchemy of the body. She sees how this alchemical process is reflected in the restoration of the land, and rebuilding the garden of earth.

Zefirah received her training through a full kundalini opening in 2012 that carried her into a 10 year cycle of reclaiming the deepest subconscious aspects of herself.

This Created an intense training ground with a series of multi-dimensional teachers, including the bees, who gave her direction, and created a series of teachings for her and her beloved to become teachers of a timeless wisdom in relationship with the tree of life.

Her conscious work with the honey bee oracular arts began 8 years. It began with shamanic dreaming, full body astral travel, and deep somatic downloads.

She is currently writing a book on behalf of the honey bee collective in relation to Sophia, the mother.

Application for The workshop 

Please fill out the following information to apply for the workshop.

If everything feels aligned, You will receive an email with additional information and payment options. Once the payment is received your spot will be held for the retreat. Please feel free to share this with any sisters interested in these topics!  


Thank you for Applying! We will respond soon!

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