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Sophia's Garden

An online school in reclaiming the depths of the feminine arts

Now more than ever there is an importance of communing with nature, spirit, and our bodies in a natural way in harmony with love and truth. We are in a phase of reclaiming our natural state of being as women in relation to the earth and ourselves. When we are women heal and become whole once more, we will set a new foundation for generations to come. 

Sophia's garden was founded by Zefirah Seraphine as an online mystery school that bridges spirit and matter, spirituality and practical craft and magic. It is a school for the oracular arts in sync with earthen and holistic skill share as well as esoteric ancient herstory, energetic healing, and oracular mysteries. 

This is an online container where the participant will go on a journey deeper into the temple of the body and the temple of the earth. We will journey together for the duration of 4 months.

From December 1st to March 1st

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