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Oracles of Sophia

 Azura Mystery School


In Person Retreat and Training at

Azura, Just outside of Asheville North Carolina  

August 4th-9th 2024

Azura Mystery School Teachings at Azura in the Appalachian Mountains

in devotion to the

Oracular arts of Sophia

10% off of Early Bird Sign up by June 22nd!


The Path of the Oracle


Awakening a long forgotten memory

Reclaiming the wombs gate

Embodying the oracle

Working with the water oracular arts in some of the oldest mountains and water ways in the world

Deep diving into the oracular way of the honey bee

Reclaiming the body as a living breathing temple of Sophia

Invoking innocence in its power through safety, sight, and wellness

Cleansing the body in preparation for servitude to life's dharma 

Manifestation of your greatest life's calling through collective

intention and prayer


To be awake within the mothers garden is to open fractal eyes, like the bees we can see multi-dimensionally.

To dream with eyes awake, to allow pleasure and joy back into our lives.

To look into the oracles well deep down within the subconscious memory of our bodies, our soul, and the waters of this world. 

To reclaim our bodies as the living breathing temple of Sophia Gaia. 


Oracle Retreat and Training

To be an oracle is to be connected to the true divine blueprint of creations love.

To be a conduit for the divine grace of the mother to overflow from the spring of our vessels and baptize this world in profound love, beauty, and natural abundance.

To see with eyes wide open to the multi- dimensionality of the ways of the universal mystery school of creation, while always being connected to the singularity of heaven found within.

We are the pillars within the temple of Sophias Garden. 

We are the initiators within the mystery school, we are the tenders of natures bounty, and we are the seers of truth within the world. 

Within us is a great alchemy, that has been forced into submission for thousands of years, but now is the time as the new earth is dawning for us to reclaim our divinity, our innocence in its power. 

For from us much will be birthed into this world.

To be an oracle, is to be connected to all of the five elements.

This is why we focus on the physical and energetic foundational elements within our bodies and the earth. We also deep dive into the 5th element, which I believe is the pollinators, and the mystery school of the honey bees who guide us to know the inner alchemies of creation.







Lessons within the mystery school

Deeper healing and somatic opening to the fullness of our being and potential

Temple night experiences

Heart openings on the path of holy communion with the Venusian arts

The Path of the Mary's and gnostic Sophia Wisdom School 

Women's sweat lodge

Deeper sight into the unseen and subconscious of your being 

deep wisdom on the story of sophia and her oracular daughters

Path of the melissae: milk and honey activations

Underworld subconscious mapping of cyclical patterns within the DNA

conscious conception preparation for physical or energetic birthing

deeper awakening of your kundalini and creation life force energy

deeper access to your pleasure and the true tantric arts of purity in its power

Hieros Gamoes Union rites of passage

deeper physical and mental health in relation to our sexual life force energy 

communion with Gaia and your council of sisters

Oracular arts of the honey bee and the waters mysteries

oracular herstory mapping and integration

Sauna Shamanic Sessions at Azura 

Wild harvesting and living in communion with the natural landscape 

Well maiden holy communion and baptisms

the unveiling of sophia within your genetic blueprint

and much more...


About Zefirah

Zefirah is a holistic guide for women, working with subconscious patterning through the lens of the oracular arts. Initiated on this path from a young age, she arrived in this world with the ability to see beyond the veil and commune with unseen realms.

In 2012, a full shakti pot transmission reshaped her life. This  experience revealed the creation story, the history of our planet, and a direct blueprint for what she and her beloved were to build in this lifetime. This vision has begun to physically manifest.

Zefirah's kundalini awakening was profound, guiding her toward initiation within Sophia's Mystery School. This was an internal journey, deeply guided by benevolent beings from beyond the veil and her own soul's wisdom. During a full kundalini opening, the Great Mother Sophia unlocked the door to remembrance. Zefirah, experienced what she calls the "cracking of the cosmic egg," left her body and the universe, then returned with a new lens of perception that could see from the macrocosmic view point down into the micro cosmic patterning of the world. Years of intensive kundalini work and expansion, combined with this experience, shamanically initiated her into the full remembrance of being an Oracle of Sophia. And of course she is always a student and continues to learn and grow on this path of self awarness.

Through shamanic dreaming, intense physical experiences, hypnotherapy, medicine work, and spontaneous kundalini initiations, Zefirah has received a set of teachings from the Great Mother. Her greatest teachers have been the honey bees, water, mycelium, light and darkness, her beloved, her own heart, body, and womb, and the ever-present Mystery School of life itself.

Zefirah has awakened to an ancient and timeless way of being within the feminine mysteries. This remembrance fuels her mission to architecturally rebuild heaven on earth. Her recent endeavors, including building a home, sanctuary, and rentals, are stepping stones towards creating a temple spa, ultimately leading to a physical temple's resurrection. Many other projects, like land conservation, honey bee protection, and water accessibility, are also on the horizon.

Zefirah is in devoted to safety, protection, clear boundaries,  resonance, and love itself. Her life in in devotion to these values, living in clarity and holy communion with all of life.


Offerings During the Retreat 

Below I will share what offerings will be presented during the

August Retreat and

During the October Retreat 

These offerings may be subject to change based on the oracular guidance of Sophia. If these changes do occur it will not be drastic changes that alter too much of the education or experiences. 

August Retreat 

Example of Offerings and Experiences: This is an idea of what the Retreat will entail, but is subject to change due to intuition with this particular group, but most of these offerings will be in the retreat.

Hot Springs Mer-Maiden Session with Aquatic Healing Arts

Temple Night, Unveiling the bride of God Ceremony 

Making Rose Petal Prayer Necklaces with wild roses from the land and from ceremony night together

Apian (Honey Bee) Mystery School teachings and Apian Somatic Therapy 

Making anointing Oil

Wild Harvesting (With Guest Teacher) and Kitchen magic sisterhood communion 

Sufi Whirling training 

Kontomble Session, working with the elementals 

Water Nymph Reclamation and ritual bathing 

Oracle Dragon Channel opening 

Gnostic wisdom of the rose line and the Mary's

Magical Nature Days with sisters in the Appalachian Mountains 

Shamanic Sauna Sessions

Gourmet Dinners that nourish and educate about eating for our hormones 

Cherokee Sacred sites and native Communion


Education about Building a homestead, manifesting your land project, and building within partnership.  

Connecting with Spirit babies, or future projects that want to birth through your

wombs gate

October Retreat Offerings 

This Retreat will be more focused on the physical craft of the oracle arts 

This is an idea of what the Retreat will entail, but is subject to change due to intuition with this particular group, but most of these offerings will be in the retreat.

Broom Making 

Drum making 

Silk Dyeing 

ceremonial Candle Making 

Shamanic Sauna Session 

Wild Harvesting and Kitchen Witchen 

Temple Night, Holy Communion, restoring the daughters of eve and the apple

Subconscious Dream Work, collective hypnosis 

Temple resin making 

Appalachian Fall leaf Hiking adventure 

Wild Waterfall elemental communion 


Rose Bead prayer necklace making

Body Butter Making 


Appalachian Mountains home of Azura

This retreat is going to be at Azura in the Appalachian Mountains. 

Azura is a love project created to establish a new earth circuit that is in harmony with its natural environment as well as living in a state of comfortability and beauty. The home and temple space at Azura is designed very intentionally for assisting in the healing process and attuning the body to a deeper state of resonance, awakening the potential of ones true life dharma and lucidity within this human experience. The home temple at Azura is on 30 acres of protected land that backs up to 1000's of acres of protected land of the national forest. There is a sacred spring, and spring fed creek with pristine waters, hiking trails, apiary, stunning views, garden, and is close to Asheville. There is also a hot springs about 33  minutes away that will be a part of our destination for the retreat/gathering.

The Appalachian mountains are some of the oldest, if not the oldest mountain range in the world, including the water ways and sacred rivers and springs. This truly is the land of trees, rivers, and waterfalls! The land has rich soil, clean waters, pristine mountain air, and is one of the few protected regions in the world. The land has supported me and taught me so much over the years, and I often describe these mountains as a grandmother and grandfather that just continues to shake the rattle and play the drum, holding the frequency of one of the oldest elder teachers in the world. This region is native home to the Cherokee (Ani'-Yun'wiya) their ancestral wisdom is deeply still alive within sacred trees, groves, waterways, and sites all throughout these mountains. There are even native planted blueberry bushes that we will have the pleasure of picking high up in the mountains that was propagated by the natives hundreds if not thousands of years ago. 

One of my personal favorite things about the Appalachian is that when you get up into the mountains here, you can look out and not see any proof of civilization, all you see is protected land for as far as your eye can see. This makes my entire nervous system feel like theres still hope for humanity, that we can return back to a state of communion with the natural world, and returns me back to the truth of what it truly means to be human in sync with nature. 



Within the retreat we will have the pleasure of experiencing Locally made food from a dear sister of mine Rael Bennet who is an herbalist and expert in hormonal and womens health as well as pre-conception and postpartum nutrition. . All ingredients will be organic and locally sourced for our optimal health and energy, along with supporting local farmers and the health of the earth and the bees!

Real Bennet

shutterstock_1243259014 copy.png

Our Temple and Creation Space

My Beloved Ashaweh and I built this home over the course of 4 years and did much of the finishing work ourselves through blood sweat and tears! It was a beautiful, wild, and humbling project that took everything we had and more, and now we finally feel ready to share it for containers such as these as a part of our Azura Mystery School. 

The home is a monolithic dome design that my beloved and I created ourselves to be a download that we received when we first met. Inside the walls of the structure is covered in Quartz and Rose Quartz Hearts. There is so much intention, love, and care put into this creation and the land. The energies of the space were created to bridge us to higher states of being as well as deeply nourish and ground us into the human experience.


We have space for two sisters to stay in our downstairs. One is a guest bedroom called the Rose Room that is fully secured  with a private door, the other spot will be in the open room next to the guest bedroom and will share the bathroom with the Rose Room.

Creek Side Abodes

As a part of the retreat four of the women will be staying in our newly built cottages down by the spring fed creek. We designed these structures to have a unique design structure that inspires different feeling and inspire different archetypes within the individual.  Our modern cottage down by the creek is called The Spring House and is designed in more of a Japanese Zen Tea ceremonial design to inspire simplicity and peace as well as grounded awareness in connection to the water. As the upper home is called The Stone House and  is more feminine in its nature and has a lighter feel with Moroccan accents to inspire one to commune with the energy of the sun.  

Both modern cottages are designed with simplicity in mind and the feeling of living a simple and elegant life. 

Each cottage will have two beds within the main space, so this will be a shared room experience. If you wish to have the cottage to yourself you can pay extra. 

You will be one of the first to ever stay in these homes! So grateful that you will bless these spaces with your love! 

These Structures are un-finsihed but will be done by the time the retreat takes place. 

shutterstock_1243259014 copy.png

Exchange for Retreat and Training

August 3rd -9th Oracles of Sophia Retreat

What retreat does not include:

Airfare or getting to the retreat center. 

For single room in temple home (The Rose Room downstairs of Temple Home): 1 spot

1 payment of $2500


2 payments of $1350


3 payments of $940


For single room (slightly more open) In the downstairs of Azura Home: 1 spot

1 payment of $2400


 2 payments of $1300


 3 payments of $900


 4 payments of $655


For shared Stay in Spring House: 2 spots

1 payment of $2,200 ( If you want it for yourself you can pay 3,900)


2 payments of $1200


 3 payments of $800


4 payments of $600

For Shared Room in the Stone House: 2 spots

1 Payment of $2200

2 payments of $1200

3 Payments of $800

4 Payments of $600

Local Participants Cost

If you are local to these mountains or wish to stay with family or friends that live here you are more than welcome to come and join as long as you have car access and are able to drive yourself everyday. Also please be  aware that if you are late we will get started with or without you and if we are going on a field trip we will leave if you are not there in time. 

Also if you are local or staying with family/friends locally I ask that you keep in your awareness that you are a part of a sacred container and I ask that you stay devoted to the group during the time of the retreat and not get distracted or leak energy into town or other gatherings during the time of the retreat. 

Local Cost that covers food, training, crafts, and teachings from Zefirah

and guest teachers: 8 spots

1 Payment $1590

2 Payments $830

3 Payments $590

4 Payments $420

Noted: Refunds will not be given if you drop out a month before the retreat. And you are required to sign a contract to ensure that any last minute drop outs will not have the right to ensure a refund.

And all participants are required to put down a non refundable down payment of $400

Application for Retreat and Training

Thank you for your beautiful application! Once you hit summit the application will go through!After that I will get back to you with more information about the retreat and Schedule a one on one 15 minute call before we confirm that this is the right fit for this current retreat. Once again, thank you sweet sister for your love and support!-Zefirah

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