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The kundalini path

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Kundalini weaves the line between dark and light

Giving and taking life

It is the force behind all things 

Therefore, it takes no sides

Kundalini moves in the space between letters and measures

It is formless, faceless, timeless, and spaceless

It is the source of the paradoxical mystery; that fuels evolution in all species within the universe. Like a black hole imploding, it is stillness in motion.

It is the spark in the ark of the covenant, the raw power between poles. Kundalini is the alchemical flame, which perpetuates the cycles of birth and death in all things.  

         Kundalini awakenings are becomming more and more common in this day and age. It is a natural part of the evolution of a species. For some, it can be very scary and intense. Kundalini is responsible for in-numerous,  inexplicable phenomena; from spontaneous combustion, to most miracles spoken about in socially accepted ancient texts and doctrines. But when it comes to the modern era, when someone has an unexplainable mystical experience, they are often chastised and threatened. If we allow this to affect us, it can often cause a kink or blockage in the path of kundalini through the body. Kundalini, being the inexplicably  balanced and powerful energy that it is, can therefore manifest "negative" experiences in ones life (such as traumatizing "illuminati" experiences, ET abductions, illnesses, relationship drama, family separation..etc.). When we can develop a healthy and conscious relationship with this energy, the possibilities are truly endless. Our deepest challenges become our most precious gifts. We awaken within the dream.

This is a safe container where you can reflect your unique journeys' gems and challenges.  

In this course, we will dive into the depths of this sacred kundalini rising process.

We will explore techniques to aid in the blossoming of this energy from within,

We will also share essential techniques for integrating this new (yet ancient ;) force into a productive and abundant lifestyle. 

We will explore the nature of kundalini and its role in Tantra.

We will explore the ancient archetypal mythos, and the role of kundalini in the lives of countless mystics and adepts. 

I will reveal my kundalini awakening story, along with its many lessons, so that it may serve as a reflection for you in your own process. 

I will guide you through a personalized experience, unique to your own path and development.

ouroborus tree.png

Through our individual experiences with a kundalini awakening we are here to reflect the layers of the spiritual initiations and physical biology of the process within the body. Every experience is unique to the individual depending on the genetics, spirit, soul, family, society, personality, gender, body type, and psyche. And yet there is the core truth of the awakening, that there where this is great power, there is great responsibility. The power that we speak of is the essence of the kundalini itself, it is the primordial current of all of creation, the spark of life. It is an intelligence beyond our recognition, and a mystery to be respected. 

If we are to summon this energy while simultaneously having this energy summon us, we must take responsibility for our bodies, psych  emotions, power, purity, and the way that we engage with this world. It is a sacred gift to awaken with this force, and if it were to be disrespected, the opportunity of resurrection may not occur again. 

We created this course because we know that there is a mass awakening happening on the planet, and in this solar system. The western world does not have a fully supportive understanding of what a kundalini awakening is and how its a sensitive and vulnerable process. We intend on creating a school system not just online, but connecting it to our retreat center in the Appalachian mountains. 

Coming soon!



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