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Become a member of the church and community of Azura

Code of Doctrine

Azura’s code of doctrine is simply to act in accordance with the structures of peace, balance, and harmony in nature. None may interfere or intrude on another without permission. Anyone who intentionally threatens, harms, or harasses another person, plant, animal, or environment as a whole, falls outside of the code of doctrine and may be removed from the immediate church premises, as well as from their position as ministers or members of the congregation.  


azura symbol finalized .png

knowing your sovereignty is essential for this time on earth

by becoming a member of azura you earn the legal right of religious exemption

creating this church was a long and costly process. therefore, in order to support aura's mission

we are asking for a

one-time membership fee, which includes your name being added to the church archives, as well as a welcome email showing your active status as a member of the church  


to receive an official membership card to fit in your wallet declaring your religious rights is:


eco friendly membership card



Anything extra that you choose to donate will go directly to Azura's mission, and will be greatly appreciated

all purchases and donations go to the completion of azura's land project, water preservation, honey bee sanctuary, temple building, and eco functional village projects. 

Please click one of the amount options below to purchase


If you wish to donate extra please click the button below

*You will receive a membership and card with any donation above $33

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