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WombsGate Online Course

With live connection opportunities 

An online course with over 10 hours of information on the deepening of body occupation from false matrix programming that has manipulated women and men into giving their creation magic away to corrupted powers.

Our wombs are the doorways between the worlds.

We hold great power within our seat of creation.

It's time to reclaim our sacred essence and fully occupy our wombs gate.

With great power comes great responsibility. 

The claiming of the wombsGate is a deep subconscious journey into the inner realms and layers of our soul and ancestral memory.

Within this course you will be taken on a mythic and educational journey deep into the womb.

With information about ancient HerStory and the initiatory journey of the oracle from amnesia to wakefulness. 

We will be covering the intricacies of spiritual to physical health relating to fertility and hormonal health. 

Through the eyes of the subconscious mind we are able to journey deep into the intricate layers of patterning that is effecting us


What to expect from the Course


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