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A declaration of sovereignty for the whole of humanity, in reverence to the harmony of nature and universal law of love.

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Statement of Faith


We acknowledge that life itself is the greatest teacher of all, and that every individual is on a unique journey to find their “Holy Grail”. We aim to provide a platform where affiliates can find the structure and sanctum necessary to accelerate their spiritual growth.  


We believe in a non-denominational, monotheistic form of Church organization. In that, all aspects of the one universal God are inherent within all things. Therefore, there is only one higher authority of the church, and yet it can be found in many distinct holy doctrines, lineages, and histories of the past.


We believe as ministers that by forming a right relationship with the divine authority within, we are able to deliver holy transmissions as a sermon and doctrine in the name of God.


We believe as ministers that we must have the ability to instruct and ordain, as well as the ability to receive instruction from one another to further one’s spiritual journey.


We believe that God has provided the perfect kingdom of Earth for humankind’s physical, and spiritual growth; so we may sanction the cultivation, preparation, and consumption of earths bounty. The land of the church is holy land and we declare all life that grows here is a sacred gift, and is protected within the providence of God. 


We are inspired by the potential of a utopian future where all living things can exist in a true state of harmony. We believe that our reality is a manifestation of the inner-state of the human collective, and that by correcting our inner physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, we can make this potential a reality.





Azura’s form of worship consists of a combination of direct transmission from God through channeling, glossolalia, the sharing of passages from our holy doctrine, and sound healing. Worship also includes educational seminars directed toward deeper spiritual gnosis and understanding. We believe that spirituality is inherent within all things, therefore the study of sacred science in nature, health, and wellbeing are also core components of “worship” at Azura.


We speak and deliver sermon on behalf of the divinity inherent within the earth and cosmos. We believe that we can learn, and become initiated in the formation of right relation with the environments within and around us.





Azura’s code of doctrine is simply to act in accordance with the structures of peace, balance, and harmony in nature. None may interfere or intrude on another without permission. Anyone who intentionally threatens, harms, or harasses another person, plant, animal, or environment as a whole, falls outside of the code of doctrine and may be removed from the immediate church premises, as well as from their position as ministers or members the congregation. We proclaim the divine rights of sovereignty of choice for each and every individual who lives in accordance with the church.  



It is posted in plain sight that all who enter the property of Azura are legally responsible for their own actions in accordance with state and national law. 





Azura is founded on a conglomerate of multiple religious’ histories, including; Gnostic Christianity, Druidry, Buddhism, and native indigenous tradition.


Our holy doctrine is comprised of many passages from texts from the aforementioned religions and traditions, along with the scriptures of modern spiritual teachers including Max Gallman and Phoenix Miller.




Azura’s archives hold many unique works of literature including the writings of Mr. Max Gallman, President of the Board, and Phoenix Miller, Board Director. These texts include sacred manuscripts, channeled scriptures, poems, and hymns in the name of God. Azura also has courses unique to our organization that offer spiritual insight in the path to enlightenment.




The board directors hold precedence in the management and organizational structure of Azura. Ministers may act as consultants to insight new ideas and unseen challenges.





Azura holds regular worship services once per week on Sundays to maintain devotional commitment to God. Our ministers offer sermon from the holy doctrine, relay direct transmission from God, and facilitate healing sessions through the vibrations of sound. These services may also host and compensate guest speakers and sanctified artists to supplement the ministers’ message.

Azura's Bylaws


Gods law above mans law

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know thy self 


Know your religious rights of sovereignty 

your relationship to source is of the highest authority 

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