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Resurrecting the oracle

The oracle is the one who communes beyond the veil of our limited senses and connects to the multi dimensionality of existence. Bringing forth wisdom and weaving it into our physical world. Through the act of ritual, divination, trance, healing, and temple arts, the oracle acts as a bridge for heaven to anchor into society. 

We live in a sick world, where people are dreaming their realities based off of a deep embodiment of amnesia which was set into place via trauma. Now the daughters of Sophia must walk forth from the dark night and bring the light of the coming dawn. We do this by healing ourselves, one another, and learning from the lessons set before us. 

Aligning ones self to their own inner oracle empowers the deepest states of self awareness and manifestation. Bridging ones mind, heart, womb, and body into the quantum field creates the lucid dreamer. One who navigates their reality with full mastery and manifestation. 

Our bodies as women are the star gates/heavens gates portals to anchoring in realities. This is why our bodies as priestess's were under infiltration and attack for so long, and now its time to reclaim the star gates of our body and occupy the garden of Sophia once more. 

We are The Dragons of Sophia

Dragons represent kundalini

The Serpent that has risen and claimed its sight

Growing wings to explore the multidimensional universe

Whole and Holy 

The Facilitator

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Is a facilitator of the temple arts, quantum healer, temple architect, and clothing designer. She also co-facilitates an online and in person healing sanctuary and mystery school named Azura with her beloved Ashaweh. She is an ordained minister under their church of Azura and facilitates blessings and wedding rituals, bridging the mystics path into society.

She is also a student and teacher within the Honey Bee Mystery school of life. She has been training in the shamanic realms and with the honey bees for the past 10 years. Being initiated into the rites of Sophia and the Chrystic Rose path. 

Zefirah received Shakti-pot 10 years ago, bringing her through many gateways of initiation, preparing her to walk the path of the oracle in order  to be a conduit for Sophia's mission of awakening humanity. 

She is trained in the arts of divination, trance Sufi dancing, sound healing, Tantric arts, and Quantum Healing Hypnosis. 

Aaru logo copy.png

The Location

Azura Temple 

Appalachian mountains 2023

Greece summer 2023

Details coming soon!

Email me if you would like to reserve your spot!

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