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Through the ancient oracle temples of Greece

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A journey of deep ritual, reclamation, activation, and unification of an ancient sisterhood.

May 13th to May 20th 2023

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Resurrecting the oracle

This retreat is designed to bring us on a journey of deep communion with the mysteries of the ancient world. 

To remember and reclaim our ancient essence before the fall of our holy blueprint. 

To claim sanctuary within our bodies and unite once more after thousands of years of underworld initiations. To rise together from the underworld and resurrect into the gates of heaven found within. 

What are the intentions of the retreat?

The retreat first came to me in a dream with holy Mother Sophia guiding the way. This pilgrimage began to weave itself into my awareness through visions of the honey bees and ancient memories; revealed through initiations and high states of awareness. 

The intention is to follow a path that has been laid before us in communion with Sophia. This is a path of remembrance and reclamation of our holy bodies, as oracles of Sophia. 

We will make physical and energetic offerings on these ancient lands and commune beyond the veil, awakening our ancient sight, senses, and forgotten memories. This is a soul retrieval, in the embrace of an ancient and timeless sisterhood.

Going deep into temple spaces and activating our birth rights at temple keepers. 

activating our Magi essence in communion with all five elements.

We will be cultivating and activating kundalini currents in a way that gently bridges worlds through our collective field; Creating states of "breakthrough" that bridges out cellular bodies into the world of mythos. 

What will be shared within the container?

I am here to create a safe and clear container for women to unwind into deeper spaces of themselves and to activate a natural, comfortable power that assists them in anchoring their soul signature.

We will be exploring nature and communing in deep peace and ritual within the elements.

Exploring deep temple nights where we experience Venusian/multi-dimensional temple arts that assist the body in bridging the quantum realms. 

I will be sharing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from ancient Herstory and the lineages of old.

We will commune in feasting, dancing, playing, and singing by night! Enlivening our senses. 

We will baptize and bathe one another in sacred waters, and drink from ancient springs. 

We will spend time with the bees and take in their encoded information from the land.

We will sooth and open one-another's bodies and unravel ancient trauma, and treat each others wounds with sweetness and tender love. 

We will activate our power and reclaim the temple of our bodies. 

Why a pilgrimage? 

I believe this journey to the land of the ancient oracles requires experiences in multiple sacred sites, so that we can get a bigger picture of the ancient priestess order. 

Each temple site has a unique energetic signature that holds a key to unlock a door within the subconscious of every individual, and the collective.

In the ancient world the oracles would cross-pollinate information between temple sites and share homage and reverence along lay lines of the land.

Within these sites, we will drink ancient spring water and receive the codes from deep within the earth. We will make offerings and cultivate ceremony in specific locations to assist in the process of cellular and DNA reclamation/regeneration.

We will weave our threads from the ocean, to the high mountains, and deep into the ancient forests and caves of the land. Our journey will end at a star-gate in southern greece.

Where are we going?

We begin our journey in northern Greece in the beautiful beach town Syvota in Epirus. (Corfu is the closest airport to this location) Here we will commune in ceremony at the Dodona Oracle temple, one of the oldest oracle temples in Greece. Here we will have the opportunity to be with the ocean, nature,  and to celebrate with one another.



On our way from Epirus to delphi, we will be stopping at a beautiful natural hot springs named Tryfos Thermal Springs.















Then we will journey to the temple of Delphi.

Here we will go to the Castalian Spring and drink from the land. then spend a day at the ancient oracle site of Delphi to pay homage and remember. 

 the next day we will hike to "pans Cave" originally known as The cave of the Melissa (the honey bee oracles). We will have an opportunity to go deep into ritual here because not many people go to this ancient cave.


Then the pilgrimage will end at the only luxury eco spa in Greece in the Peloponnese mountains. Here we will have an opportunity to receive deep nourishment and spa treatments. This will help  integrate the pilgrimage and all the information that we have gathered within our journey. 

Our final ritual will be at the Melchizedek Lyran star gate at the temple of Mycenae.


during our journey we will be stating in luxury retreat spaces that I have chosen because they are clean, safe, and beautiful environments that will provide an optimal energetic experience for us to do ritual and integrate from our experiences.






We will be ending the pilgrimage at the Eco Spa Euphoria. Here you will have the option to pay for an additional stay if you wish to remain at the spa after the retreat has come to a close. Two days and nights will be included in the cost of the retreat; along with a 1 hour massage.