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The Land of Milk and Honey
Oracle Retreat

Turkey June 1st-8th 2023


This pilgrimage is designed for Honey Bee Devotees

Initiates that feel the deep calling to the honey bee shamanic mysteries 

This is a very limited space retreat

With room for only 7 women






This retreat is a pilgrimage to an origin point of the lineage of the Rose

An ancient sanctuary that was the first birth place of the grecian

philosophy, ritual, and architecture along with origin creation mother deities.

This Land is also rich in hisotry/herstory of the gnostic origins of Christian mysticism. 

This Land in Ancient Times was known as


Located on the western shore line of modern day Turkey





Journey Outline

The retreat will take place in on mt. koressos in Turkey in the location of Ephesus, the ancient city of the goddeses.

Mt. Koressos means Nightingale, who's symbology is the coming of spring, and in a religious representation is that of the resurrection.

Within this land we will walk some of the oldest temple sites in the world and merge the rose lineage of heart and soul, in divine union once more. 

The Sacred Sites we will journey to

We will begin our journey staying walking distance from one of the oldest temple sites in the world, and one of the seven wonders, the great TEMPLE OF ARTEMIS

Many may think of Artemis as the young virgin huntress. But this is her symbology after the patriarchy came and de-throned the great mother Artemis.

Artemis is Sophia.

She is the mother of all, the dragon creatrix of all of life. Queen of Heaven, Mother of Souls. 

The temple of Artemis is one of the oldest and largest sites ever built, said to of been built by angelic women, oracle of Artemis.















We will explore Mother Marys mother, the baptism pool of the virgin mother, and her hold miracle spring, and drink from its waters.

St John, who was said to of traveled with Mary to these lands to live out the rest of their days in initiation and sharing of the lineages teachings.

It is said that Saint John, and many believe Mother Mary is buried on these lands.

We will visit this site known as basilica of st. john. 

The City of Ephesus, otherwise known as the city of goddess's

The Cave of the Seven Sleepers

Museum of Ephesus

Temple of Aphrodisias

Ancient temple and city of Aphrodite


We Will also be visiting A local Sustainable Apiary (Sanctuary for the Honey Bees) The living temple

And learn about ancient Bee tending in relation to the ancient goddess culture.