The Land of Milk and Honey

Oracle Retreat 

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The Land of Milk and Honey
Oracle Retreat

Turkey June 1st-8th 2023

This retreat is a pilgrimage to an origin point of the lineage of the Rose

An ancient sanctuary that was the first birth place of grecian philosophy, ritual, and architecture 

Journey Outline

We will begin our journey at a luxury spa retreat in the sandstone mountains of Cappadocia Turkey

Here we will be able to unwind together and come into council while having the opportunity to receive massage, body wraps, and deep sound healing.

Then we will make the pilgrimage to Pamukkale hot springs

Here we will experience crystal blue hot springs, ancient caves of initiation, and Nefertiti's ancient pools.

We will then spend the majority of the retreat in Ephesus Turkey, the motherland

While we are in this area we will be staying at a luxury retreat center. And tour the ancient lands and sacred sites such as Temple of Artemis ruins, Mother Mary's house, cave of the seven sleepers (where the islamic people believe Mary Magdalene is buried.) Saint Paul cathedral where they say Mother Mary is buried, The origin statue of Artemis at the local museum along with many ancient artifacts, visit the ancient city of goddess, visit the ancient city of Aphrodisias, and drink from the holy springs of the land. 

the ancient "city of goddess's" 

Mother Mary's Home 

Artemis of Ephesus 

The temple of Artemis origin temple site 

And journey deep into the wild lands along the coast

this journey will be a treasure map of discovery unveiling the lineage of christ and the holy family by tracing it back to its original origin point of Artemis of Ephesus 

Bridging the truth behind the ancient mystery school teachings in reverence to kundalini and the internal land of milk and honey 

Within the experience we will be deep diving into the ancient temple arts of

kundalini mystery school of the honey bee Api Being 

The serpentine circuitry within the body

temple arts of unveiling the bride of god 

and ancient her story reclamation of our original innocence and divine sovereignty 

Retreat cultivation

Awakening the oracle 

The oracles were women or men who would bridge the unseen into the seen

Working in a way of divination 

Bridging the quantum field into the body connects heaven on earth 

As this sacred process occurs our bodies resurrect as the pillars of Sophia's temple within and upon the earth once more

And we the oracles in our awakening, can manifest our deepest soul calling and create real and tangible change upon the planet

What you will receive in the ways of the oracle at the retreat

Learning rituals and ceremony in the way of channeling and divination 

Working with the elements cultivate a deeper relationship with the earth and self


kundalini alchemy

Kundalini is an alchemical process of evolution that occurs within the body

A species can evolve more in a 100 years than they can in millions if facing their own extinction 

We are at this point of evolution and must learn how to ride this current in an efficient and grounded way 

Kundalini is the essence of creation force, and that when sparked within an evolving species, will change their relationship with all of life

how we will work with kundalini in the retreat 

Shakti pot is a transmission of energy that gets delivered on whatever level the person is ready for

The transmission of this energy will be help by the facilitator and the group collective as we enter into higher states of consciousness 

We will do group transmissions and temple arts to assist in the cultivation of this energy

We will also offer support with grounding and integration so that the energies can be anchored in a safe way



creating the round table of Sophia 

In the name of her holy essence we stand in solidarity and divine sovereignty in devotion to being the pillars of her vision upon the planet 

It is through the unified fields of this sisterhood that we stand stronger together

From all backgrounds, all cultures, color, size, age, as aspects of SHE and HE we unite in devotion to Gaia and the harmonics of divinity 

We will be building a safe container to network with one another as the council of Sophia

To do workshops of trust and deepening within the sisterhood

And cultivating deep self love

How we will cultivate the round table within the retreat 

Trust and transparency is an essential part of co-creation 

Therefore creating rituals that cultivate deep love and worship for the goddess that lives within each and everyone of us

We will also share a workshop in the way of manifesting abundance and cultivating your life purpose

And give everyone an opportunity to share what they have to offer to establish a support system and network

temple harmonics of the body 

Deep state trance and ritual allows us to unlock the temple corridors that live within our essence 

In this process of self realization we heal ancient to current wounds that are still occurring in the body

These bodies are just the tip of the iceberg of our conscious awareness 

For the subconscious (the super soul awareness) is vast beyond our wildest dreams

By entering into hypnosis and deep state trance we give way for the healing and self realization of the hypnosis to perform miracles in our psyche and bodies

How we will work with temple harmonics in the retreat 

I am a hypnosis practitioner trained in the deloris cannon method

Within this method the practitioner creates an environment for others to go into theta brain waves

This allowing for deepest aspects of self to be remembered and gives soul an opportunity to attune and heal the body

We will also be providing light language sound transmissions 

Light langauge channeling in my experience had been one of the most potent healing modals I have ever come across because it works within the quantum

activating the magi

earth healing and grid work

Healing the land in devotion to the bees 

We will journey to...