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The Land of Milk and Honey

Mystery School


Resurrecting the Oracle
My body is a bridge 
To weave the unseen
Into this world 
Dissolving the walls of our own limitations
Channeling the images and voices from beyond the veil 

Ever since I was a child I was in communication with energies from beyond the veil. Seeing angels and demons alike, and learning that my emotions are what would align me to different frequencies. If I was in fear, I would manifest spirits to be afraid of. If I was in peace then I would align to spirits of bliss and love.

I have been in allot of ways practicing this without much conscious choice for the majority of my life. 

Only in the past 10 years did I start to understand what was happening and how to truly control it. My teenage years was spent flooded with sleepless nights and deep insomnia, due to being overwhelmed with connections to spirits and the world beyond our common lens of perception.


After my first true awakening I understood it all, and instantly knew how to channel my gift of sight. I began my journey of channeling at the age of 18 with the assistance of various helpers along the way, I allowed myself to explore consciously, and bring forth the language of light in scripture, songs, and messages. 

I have been channeling the language of light for 10 years now. And offering my services to the public with my beloved Ashaweh for the past 9 years. We traveled the United States channeling for 2 years, and would host weekly events in Sedona Arizona. When we decided to settle back in Asheville North Carolina, we began hosting bi monthly events for several years before be re directed our focus on building our home. Now we are excited to open up our space for events and being of survive to the community.


The temple is found within...

Our bodies are the holy chalices of our soul. And when we treat our bodies in this reverence in action, thought, and feeling, we create a safe space for our consciousness to dwell. The temple arts is a relationship between holy communion with Source, in reverence with holy communion with self, in connection to all thy relations. 

The human body and psyche is complex beyond our wildest explanations. It is a map to spirit, as spirit is a map to our bodies. There is an alchemical sequence of awakening within form, and with the right guidance and acts of devotion we can nurture this sacred life and opportunity to learn and grow as deeply as we desire. 

These bodies are an alchemical cauldron of resurrection and activation, a mystery yet to be unraveled in our modern times. Like an old book waiting to be studied for thousands of years, few have endured this holy book, and fewer have practiced the depths of our deepest potential. It takes a sense of humbleness, devotion and selflessness to have the secrets be revealed. 

My offerings


Personal Retreats

Come and stay with me and my beloved at our home in the Appalachian Mountains for a personal retreat. Here you will experience the sweet sanctuary of Azura within your own personal retreat stay. Once we communicate we will create a plan that best suites your current desires and intuitive flowering of what best suites you in your current initiation in life. You will have access to miles of trails, springs, private floor in our home, which includes a guest bedroom, quantum technologies, void bath chamber, ancient built hot tub outside under the stars, herbal baths in the garden, organic wild harvested meals, and healing sessions from my beloved and myself. We can also go to waterfalls and perform ceremonies in vortex points in our area. We also can offer a silent retreat, fasting and or cleanse retreat, or a sacred union retreat for couples and or for families. 









Women Healing Arts

One on one sessions of anointing and homecoming healings which involve sound, touch, anointing, massage, and or a ritual washing. 

I also offer women gatherings for small to large groups that involve a series of rituals that involve water arts, fire arts, earth arts, milk and honey arts, and the arts of speaking in tongues. 

Breath work and trance

Group channeling sessions

Contact Azura and let us know what services you are interested in and tell us a little about yourselves and your intentions



Land of Milk and Honey 

Online Coure 

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