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" The Rose gives the Bee Honey"
First vision Documentary
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Past Events

Past Events

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Vision Board for Rose Line Documentary 

A documentary on the rose lineage in relation to ancient history and modern day ritual in reclamation of the sacred feminine healing arts and ways of living in harmony with self and nature. A film of a intertwining of ancient and modern practices of mystery and empowerment of the natural essence of the feminine expression in all her facets. 

This film will take the viewer on a journey of the senses in an intermingling of poetry, art, dance, ritual, history, and future of raising the divine feminine to her rightful place as equals with the divine masculine christ. 

We will journey around the world filming modern day rituals as well as indigenous rituals in reflection to feminine empowerment. And will weave in the lineages throughout all sacred cultures and the reflection of sacred living. 

This will include....

Singing to the plants and animals


Water rituals 

Bee priestessing 

Sensual sisterhood 



Quantum physicist on the way of the universe 

Fire rituals 

Cave singing 

Ancient history "herstory" 

The real teachings of magdalene 

The prophecy and mystery school codes and symbols for the age we are in now 

The children of christ and magdalene 

The rose lines from all perspectives and stories 



Wale singers 

Galactic Priestesses 

Crystal magic 

Death and resurrection 

The Sophian Order of initiates 

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