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Universal Healing


A Place of Harmony

 All visions of the land at Doula Springs are inter-connected and work as a unified system of expansion, health, and celebration



Through the various healing practices we wish to create a sanctuary of vitality.

Our vision includes... 

Seven layer hot spring pools cascading down the mountain. As well as a large pool for watsu and exercise.  

A sensory deprivation tank. This supplies an opportunity for total surrender of the body and mind, creating states of nirvana and connection to the void/stillness. In these chambers we will also provide floating cranio-sacral treatments and sound resonance therapy. 

practitioners pyramid. For creating an optimal circuit for expansive awareness and experience.

A large dance venue for events, retreats, and workshops. Creating a space of celebration and education. A space for many modalities of body movement. 

Seraphim lounge and elixir bar. Is a long time vision of creating a space of vital living, where people can come relax and enjoy vegan vital foods and drinks year round and experience locally sourced luxury meals on the weekends and evenings. 

   One of our greatest passions of service is providing a space for cleansing. We believe that through fasting and meditation, people can begin to embody their truest and most pure essence of their life's purpose and soul connection. We plan on having colon hydrotherapy and rooms for people to stay and fast with us at the sanctuary. 

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