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Tree of  Life

We have created the first layer of this mystery school based off of the biomimicry of natures growth cycle.

The system will focus on the individual seed of who you are, creating lessons of deep self empowerment and connection to the many layers of your own internal mystery school. We will provide a blueprint map, in a sense, to assist you in deep diving and un-raveling into your most authentic nature of bliss and ecstasy. We do this through psychological healing, re-wiring of the brain and nervous system, physical movement, and sensual connection to self. 

The second step is how your full blossoming tree connects to the circuit to the rest of the growing network. In this process you will receive videos and lessons on expressing yourself, and revealing the wholeness of your natural essence enable to attract the partner you desire in your life. There will be several branches of manifesting partnerships, which includes, lovers, friendships, and deep devotional marriages. Nature connects to what it needs to enable to evolve, and we as humans are apart of that network. As we de-program ourselves from the false merkabic way of interacting with the world, and allow ourselves to express in the wholeness of our magnitude, we can connect to the compass of our kundalini, and listen to the subtle energy body in the way it wishes to express with others. We do this through stilling the mind, and sinking into the wholeness of ourselves. When we surrender to this divine magnetism, we live without restriction, and yet embody true discipline, that allows us to be a Jedi of creation. The word Jedi, originating from the word Djed, which in Egyptian means our spine. As we activate our spinal column, and create a relationship with this mental energy, the spine begins to act as our intelligence, instead of our mind. This intelligence acts as the compass of our lives purpose, and aligns us to our dharma. 

The third step is bridging this into your deepest desire of destiny. To bridge the wholeness of all that you have embodied in life into the world around you. Learning how to use this kundalini force to manifest and awaken your life with deep purpose and joy. To learn how to become an alchemist of the stagnant and toxic governmental systems and transform this Iron Age, to the Golden Age of humanity. 


What you will receive...

* Tangible tools for deepening your self empowerment

* Techniques assist you in expressing the untamed love of who you are

* Self love exercises that will connect you to your most authentic essence

* Sensational awakening techniques

* Tantric alchemy of the self, with the self

*Merkabic Awakening, accessing your connection to your internal compass

* Fine-tuning your intuition that best serves all your relations

* Sensitizing your subtle energy body

* Accessing your empowerment in social situations 

* Learning the true essence of tantra as an alchemical map to the universe

* Attracting the perfect lover/lovers into your life

* The alchemical truth behind the word marriage 

* Deepening your connection to your intimate partner/partners 

* Real tools on how to manifest your dream life 

* Share your fruits with the world

* empowerment classes on fulfilling your dharma 

* Cultivating an expanded relationship with life and the way you share yourself with the whole 

* Abundance rituals


We will open your mind with videos and information about the web of life and how you are connected to it. And with that information give perspectives of how your can tangibly, scientifically, and of spiritual law, manifest your highest joy. 


Videos and a variety of exercises of the senses that will assist in connecting you to your body temple. This including nutritional reflection, tantric classes, and rewiring techniques for your body to deeply heal and release stores trauma enable to be filled with the light of bliss.


Deeply nourishing practices and rituals for the spirit to integrate into your life. Activating your subtle intuition enable to listen to your souls voice and guidance. While practicing and opening to spiritual exercises to get in touch with the alchemy of spirit awakened within the body.


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coming soon!

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We wanted to make the course more affordable enable to share wisdom with more people. 

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