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The Vision

A sustainable global society is not only a dream, but a potential reality... We live in a time of deep governmental turmoil, economic chaos, massive extinction of plants and animals, and deep disconnection to our environment and ourselves. Through deep suffering, is also the rise of great freedom. Every single day we are filled with choices and opportunities. Akasha's intention is to help bring deeper awareness to the individuals, families, and communities of the world.  

Azura is a nucleus for new ways of connection and networking. 


This vision includes...

The living Library

Earth itself is a living library of information...  We are an organism that is connected to all of the universe. We are passionate about creating a "living library" educational system that is connected to networks around the globe. As a part of this system, we will provide information about the planet's natural harmonious infrastructure, and the codes and sacred geometry that is a part of the entire universe's ever-evolving state of becoming. We do this to inspire a new, yet ancient, educational system, that will bring the individual into a deeper state of self empowerment and connection to the earth. The living library of information will be an online and in-person hub that will be connected to a mass network of like-minded individuals and communities that wish to bring REAL education to the public. 

The Living Current

All streams come from and lead back to the ocean... Our bodies are made of 85 to 90 percent water, water; having a memory that records all that it comes in contact with, including all patterns of thought and action. Imagine a stream flowing through many different landscapes collecting information. Each stream unique, yet derived from the same body of water. As these streams merge together they exchange information. The living current construct is a system that brings people together to exchange information and provides support to people from all walks of life. We wish to create a network that gives all people the opportunity to learn about harmonic expansion. We believe that humans are meant to expand and explore in a way that resonates with our surroundings, which is a part of our inherint nature. We wish to supply a platform of ever-expanding and evolving wisdom on how to explore and expand while simultaneously living in respect for the delicate eco-structure of this world, and others. 

This platform will be designed to give people the opportunity to step forward to share their gifts and visions while being supported by like minded individuals. 

living light house

Our vision is to co-create a network of physical establishments around the globe... Currently we are in the process of building a home in Weaverville North Carolina. This home is the foundation upon which we will grow our roots down deep and stretch our branches high into the sky. On this land we are going to create a retreat center, temple, school, spa, labratory, along with many other projects. Currently, we are almost finished building our first 3600sq foot Monolithic dome home, and are preparing the land for a pyramid healing-retreat center, which should be finished in the summer of 2019 (check out our up to date pictures and more details on our Azura page).  We hope to eventually create a community village as a model of healthy and abundant living on a shared piece of land with individuals who have a similar vision. We often see our property as a light house for those who wish to recieve healing or contribute to the grande vision and physical manifestation of creating a new way of living and being with our planet. We are excited to connect our 'light house' to others around the globe, creating a beacon of change and connectivity. 

We will be offering extended fasting retreats, where people can be fully supported while they shed patterns and densities of the past, while healing their DNA and genetic lineages. The retreats may also include cranio-sacral, colon hydrotherapy, breath-work ceremonies, yoga, sensory deprivation tanks, and more to assist in this metamorphosis process.

Earth is a master organic actitect. To live in union with this world we must learn how the planet itself has thrived in balance, and continues to evolve and grow. We must mirror, and build in accordance to the health of future generations, creating a foundation for those to come. 

The Vision

Our hymn to universal peace
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