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The Alchemy of Kundalini 


Course currently not being offered

Do you long for union?

A type of union that fills you from the deepest depths of your essence. 

A total love for the self that emanates into your life. 

Do you long for total satisfaction with your sexual energy? 

To feel eternally fulfilled.

To deepen your relationship to your vessel and empower your senses. 

Do you want to know what your body is capable of?

To live a life in full wakefulness and presence.

To merge the alchemy of physical and ether. 


Becoming the Mystery 

We as a society have accepted our own limitations in the collective belief system that we are innately here to suffer and live a life of obstacles. Yet there comes a time on an evolutionary journey of the individual and the collective when they realize that it is about their relationship to life that molds their reality. The obstacles will arise but our response to the obstacles is what makes up our experience. 



The ground you stand on, the air your breath, the water you drink is all a living miracle. We take this world for granted so often because of the hardships that it provides. The societal structures that have been enforced into place have created a disharmonious field with the human body, mind, and innate nature. Our minds have been set in box's and limitations on a fundamental level since the very beginning of our development process. Boundaries are important for children to understand, this is not the limitations I speak of. For the tao master knows that the structure will open up the infinite within, and the infinite will reveal the proper structure. It more a matter of creating the right supportive environment from the foundation up. 

To become fully lucid in this reality is not an easy path to follow, but it is a liberating one. It takes great dedication to break through the collective membrane into a new world of change. For example in recent history the Women's Rights and African American movement took and still takes a deep sense of devotion towards moving through the collective densities and giving birth to a new reality.  It was not done by force, the real change took place through persistent dedication to the collectives beliefs. And at this time on earth we are not just commanding equal rights for all humans but also equal rights for the planet itself. We must give a voice to nature, to Gaia, because the majority cannot hear the earth, they can only hear their own minds. 

This planet is a beautiful paradox of intricate mysteries, the lessons are interwoven throughout our relationship to the trees, animals, plants, crystals, and all of life. Every page of the lessons within the library are moving and interacting with us in every moment of every day. When this realization takes place one can become empowered in the knowing that they have infinite access to the living breathing essence of loves intelligence. In this alchemy of self realization there are deeper mysteries that begin to reveal themselves to the initiate. The fabric of life opens to you and communicates the wisdom that will bring you ever deeper into the ritual of the universes creation magic, the resurrection. The alchemy begins with the process of going into the darkness, the obsidian mirror, the cave, the womb of creation. From this space you face your fears and rewire your nervous system, releasing the stagnant energies in order to rebuild your DNA and genetic potential. From this spaciousness we are reborn through the birth canal into the light, becoming more harmonious with our truest essence of our soul. 

On the path of the initiate we are resurrecting our central channel, the kundalini staff that will part the waves of illusion and move the masses of the collective towards the direction of harmony. In our western culture and in many cultures around the world, the infrastructure is not compatible for kundalini awakenings. The dogma of the western world religions have created separation within the heart and mind of our connection to spirit. This in turn creating a condemning and suppressing structure for spiritually awakening beings making it that much for difficult for the kundalini to rise into its fullest potential.  Which is why I feel so much passion in creating a supportive platform for peoples deeper awakenings during this vulnerable and sensitive time.


The Journey of Initiation 


I walk on the path I do in devotion to the collective, to you. 

Below I share with you who I am and what my journey has been of walking, talking, and breathing the life of the initiate. 

There is an alchemy that happens in the mind and body when we stop isolating our lessons from the class room and see the lessons in our everyday actions and reactions. Everything is offering us an opportunity to heal and grow as an individual to become the most harmonic and authentic version of ourselves as we can be. 

Within this school system of earth we all play our roles based off of our own personal relationship with life. We are a living organism that is interconnected not just all over the globe, but also throughout the universe. And as this perspective takes hold we realize that our personal health and well being directly effects the environment and the people around us. 

The lessons that I have learned on my journey are here to assist you on your path towards illumination and the totality of your vitality in your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual embodiment. 

In the Name of Sophia 

The Grail and the Holy Spirit

Divine mother of all life

We your daughters neal down at your alter

In devotion we swear an oath of reverence 

An oath of love 

May your holy fire dissolve all illusion

And your sweet waters cleanse all false beliefs

May your wisdom 

Unlock the key within our hearts

That open the gates to our eternal garden within



The Infinite Immersion


On this path together we will embark on a journey of totality and absolute self love.

For how can we truly show up in this world in the name of love if we do not fully love ourselves? 

The path of the initiate takes total devotion and commitment. There is a story in the bible that says that Mary was called to her roof top, the roof as in the crown of her own consciousness. When she arrived god filled her body and she became a conduit of this love on the planet. We all must make this journey in one life time or another. To surrender our little selves of isolation and ego into the vastness of loves intelligence and move, speak, and breath as this wisdom upon the planet. One cannot know christ consciousness without the experience of it. For once this has entered your body what is left is total trust and devotion. For this love is infinite and its where the soul sparks from the infinite creator. This is the core of our essence and the more we shed the layers of false programming and limitations, the closer we can access this core frequency of our most natural selves.

When this is embodied one will know heaven within. 

I am here to be a container of support and reflection on the kundalini path

I do not promise an awakening of this energy within you


I am here to hold space for your natural process to unfold with whatever is best for your personal journey

I am a student and a teacher of this current and am ever evolving and becoming


I am always learning, for when the channel opens, my ego steps aside and I learn endlessly from this central wisdom. 

What we will discover together...



We dissolve in order to coagulate... 

Within this course you will discover the intricate alchemical process of merging soul with body.This means that the programming from the external world will dissolve enable for you to hear, speak, and move in deeper coherence with your truest essence. 

On this journey you will have an opportunity to develop a relationship with the story of creation, the resurrection. 

We will begin the course with the shedding of the serpents skin and the old stories.

Within this shedding process we will journey into the genetic trauma and help you dissolve it and resurrect not only your genetic potential but also the past and future generations.

We then will summon the energy to rise and learn how to allow this primordial essence to move our bodies and speak through our essence. 

We will learn how to create the container for this energy and how to use it in ceremony and ritual.


The intricate unfoldment process


Opening the primordial serpent

To reveal your deepest essence 

* We will discover through the means of energy, meditation, dance, and specific practices for unlocking this gateway*

Unwinding the coil 

Waking the kundalini and allowing  the channel to open to receive this essence in love and grace

*This act will vary for every individual based off of their current openness to this energy*

*This is something not to push or force, but to subtly invite this process* 


Journeying into the blockage 

Once our presence is with the channel of kundalini currents, we can journey into the places within the body that feels resistant and tight in relationship to this energy.

*We will deep dive individually into these blockages through a variety of exercises depending on the individual and collective experience. 

Expanding the perception

Our relationship to this alchemy is what determines our experience.

*The more we open our minds to receiving quantum information, to more we will be able to move the energy in the way it wishes to be expression. This includes body movement, sounds, breath, and our relationship to others. 

Releasing the stagnancy

Once our perception is open and we are in trust to its intelligence, we can release the attachments and stored emotions.

* This process allows us to make room for the new currents of energy to move through the vessel. We will explore this through sound, ritual, movement, nature, and energy work.*

Baptising the vessel

Baptism is an alchemical ritual that cleanses the mind, body, and spirit, while also bridging the soul into body. 

*This process can be done through a wide variety of ways including external water baptisms, internal spring water baptisms, sunlight, star light, internal light, and multidimensional cleansing

Anointing into your essence

This is the alchemy of mergence within soul and body. 

*Our souls are vast and expansive, they are the original spark of our creation magic. As we perform the rites of the alchemical nectars, we learn how to integrate this essence into the living incarnate of christ/sophia self realized within you.

Maintaining this state of being 

Its one thing to experience your expansiveness, its another to channel it into our everyday reality.

* I will provide tools of maintaining this state of being in your everyday life. As you maintain a consistent devotion to this way of life, it will continue to spread its seeds and grow new flowers within your internal garden.*

Alcehmicalizing your reality 

You are the alchemist.

*Your relationship to life will change with the internal adjustments and expansions. I will assist with tools of empowerment and expansive clarity with all of life.* 

Manifesting quantumly

 In the empowerment of your true embodiment of your original essence.

*I will help you rewire your circuitry into the opening of accepting loves intelligence as your greatest teacher. And from this space creating a life as a free energy generator of manifesting your deepest desires. 

The Focus of Our Group Illumination 


Awakening the senses

Personal health and well being

Opening the channels within the body 

Preparing the body to receive large flows of currency  of our abundance 

Softening and lubricating the circuits of the mind, emotions, physical and spiritual connection. 

Unlocking the internal mechanisms of the merkaba 

Mysteries of the bee priestesses 

Creating new pathways within the psyche and nervous system 

Releasing genetic trauma in order to stop the negative patterning and blockages 

Resurrecting your body as the temple 

Opening the Sophia's garden gateway

Opening the inner channel to deeper states of kundalini empowerment/embodiment 

Enacting the resurrection story 

Building the rainbow bridge from beyond the veil into your everyday reality 

Cleansing the sexual fluids and our wombs 

Connecting to deeper states of tantra and unlocking the mudras of the body 

Healing the mother lineage 

Channeling wisdom from beyond the veil 

Light language opening and activation


Bridging the Worlds 



This course is currently not being offered online

contact for in person sessions

Seven Group Calls Total

An hour and a half

Every Saturday we will gather as a group on Zoom (an online conference container) where I will set the container for the mystery school lesson and reflection for half of the call. And then I will open the container for reflection from the group and or questions. 

One of the greatest gifts of group calls is that we can all communicate, support, and learn from one another. 

Seven Individual calls

45 minutes total 

Within this call I will connect with each of you individually on your personal process. 

This call is more lenient on time so it could be shorter or a little longer based on your individual process. 


Social Media Private Group 

At the end of each call I will give an assignment for you to work on in terms of creative writing, ceremonial practices, or meditative practices. In the group forum we can share images or recordings of our unique beautiful discoveries and images of our creations. 

Everyday I will write something on the forum in reflection to the weeks discussion. 

Additional Information 

I will be sending recorded meditations breath work and channeling's in addition to the calls.

Everyday Contact 

This is a potent energy to work with, so I want you to have access to message me whenever need be. You will have access to messaging me through signal app that you can download on your phone. 

This way if you need support I can be fully present with you during this process. 

Anointing Oil 

At the end of the course I will make you a personalized anointing oil that I channel based off of our time together.

Retreat Discount 

At the end of the Course you will receive further access into the mystery school of Azura.

This including a 10% off discount to The Alchemy of Kundalini retreat on our land in the summer of 2019. 

The Application

Are you prepared to devote yourself to this path? 

For in your devotion of opening your flower, the light will naturally pour in. 

Course in session

Once the application is approved you will receive an email with the contract of my commitment to you and the finalizing of the payment options.  

The Enrollment

I offered this course online in the past and am currently crating space to have it done in person on my land. 

I offer one on one sessions online or in person on this topic and if you are interested please let me know!


Thank you beloveds for being in this container with me

I send radiant love to you on your path

And pray for peace within your lives


May the eternal light and infinite void


Baptize you in remembrance 

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