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Temple of the Eternal Spring

Sanctuary * Ritual * Ceremony 


Resurrecting the temple

We are at a time of great remembrance and transmutation. We the alchemists of light and matter are harmonizing duality into union. At this dawning of a new humanity, we who are lucid are coming together to celebrate and assist in resurrection the temple arts. These arts are a way of life. The alchemy of harmonization begins from within and emanates out into the world around us.

All ancient cultures had physical representations of temples. They were connected to the bounty of the land and their survival, as well as scriptures, arts, and music for the health of their mind and soul.  Practicing their connection to the whole of life; all aspects harmonizing into their daily lives. 

Our alignment of mind, body, and soul is an essential part of living in the fullness of our lifes purpose. Experiencing the dark night of the soul, the eternal slumber, has created much confusion for a majority of the world. But now, we the lucid dreamers have come to assist in being a reflection of harmony for all. 

The mystery schools...

Were the foundation for all initiates. It begins as a child who receives proper guidance from home, school, and their own empowered self. In the mystery schools, they would grow to understand themselves as aspects of a universal dance and song of creation. They would learn how to care for their bodies, mind, and creative spirit. As initiates grew up in their villages or in the temples they would be empowered in the ways of master archetypal teachers. And put through various tests of transmuting their fear into love. 

The first physical temple...

Is to be created on our property in Weaverville North Carolina on the top of a mountain. A land that is rich with crystals and gushing spring water. The first temple's theme is the Eternal Spring, in honor of the holiness of water. Here we the initiates will perform ritual for private and public groups. We will provide healing through pranic energy, sound, and dance. We are also excited to host sacred marriages and anointing ceremonies. 

Through the practice of sound healing, watsu, cranial sacral, energetic vibrations, light language, and yoga, we will provide a space of deepening and healing for all. Our sacred birth right is to be of service to the whole of humanity. 

taking flight

In a world infected with jealous and manipulative entities of disharmony and control, we wish to create a santuary of peace and ceremony. A place that embodies the purity and unconditional love of source itself. A place of such beauty, that it acts as a mirror to the temple within each and every one of us. A place that reflects the power, peace, and tranquility of the sacred IAM presence. 

The temple will be a place for individuals and community to share in the purity and innocence of the celebration of life. On the weekends the temple will be open to all. People from all backgrounds will have the oppertunity to come and listen to weekly sound baths, dance to the temple melodies through exstatic expression, and sit in peace and meditate throughout the day. There will also be gardens on the grounds with a green house and opertunity to purchase fresh made vegan meals, fresh vegetables and plants of all kinds. 

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