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Article "The Key to Finding Hormonal Balance"

Hormonal balance is essential to living a life full of vitality. Hormones are these masterful balance keepers. That like all parts of the body act as a compass for our most vital form. It can be easy to be caught up in whats right for us physically. Our physical consumption of foods, supplements, liquids and so forth. While this physical element is important, it is only a piece of the whole. Every organ is linked to an emotion within the bandwidth of the subtle energy bodies.

We grew up thinking that if something hurts, its because we have soemthing wrong with us. In return relying on the governmental health system. Creating fear because in actuality we are seperating ourselves from what our body is actually trying to tell us. Its saying, "Look inside. Feel deep. I am speaking to you."

If we are constantly seeking for physical answers outside ourselves than we will be running in circles until we eventually realise what the body has been asking all along, to turn within. I believe that one of the greatest steps towards deep health in all aspects of our lives is returning to stillness. One of the greatest ways to do this is sensory deprivation. We are constently being stimulated outside of ourselves. In healthy and non healthy ways. The mind and senses are continuously learning, and sculpting ourselves based off of these external realities. Most dont take the time to get to be in their bodies, in their own minds, and true authentic joy. I can speak on behalf of womens health for a moment. And say that in the way that we are governed by cycles, and waves in a very physically obvious way. Our hormones are changing every single day. And with that, our mind chemistry is also changing. This is a gift, and within that gift is an opportunity to sink in deeper and become a master of your mind and feminine embodiment.

Our thoughts help create our reality. Our belief, is a powerful foundation for what experiences we allow into our reality and what we do not allow. This does not mean its set in stone, for there is always a universal mystery that flows where it naturally needs to. But this is a foundation of health. That if we find true inner peace and tranquility within our own minds, we will see that ripple into our body.

So the health of the body is in relation to mind and spirit as well. We can do this consciously by returning to presence. True presence is the foundation of absolute health. Because from presence we are not draining ourselves into endless rabbit holes of rights and wrongs and possible stories. We are here, now. This is the greatest place to be. For when you are living in the now, you are filled with the chi of life, and dreaming awake all the possible realities your heart truly desires.

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