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Poem "Set Free"

The soft spaces Between thoughts Is where She resides The untamed feminine

She unravels In between your sheets When you surrender your mind Stretching her limbs She dances In the spaces between dreams

Your victimhood Is tricked By her beauty In the way the sun will touch you just right And the way the wind tickles the leaves She glimmers in the presence Of the uncaged mind

You know you have Been possessed by her When you create Fiercely in the name of bliss Without a thought Of fame nor fortune

For she will create Even if it is never Witnessed by another Simply because she knows she must

The untamed feminine Is not bound in psychological slavery But liberated Through her bodies Alchemical cauldron

Unified salvation In natures liberation From the shackles Of humanities fear

Freedom of touch Taste And pleasure She tantrically Opens to the wholeness of life

-Phoenix Zefirah Art by Robby Donaghey

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