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Poem "Self Love"

I wrote this poem on the other side of a rebirthing cycle. As we allow the programs to die, the layers to shed, we can give birth to our true divine nature, bliss...

The sound of silver bells

Sing gently as the water

Slips around my body

I twist sweetly

In my devotion

To skin

Silked in pearl essence

My body

Wrapped in my hands

Interchanging forms

Of her holy spirit

Lady of the waters

I praise the

Take me

Embrace me in your grace

Unravel my DNA

So that I may

Greet myself

A child of wonderment

With eyes of the eternal fire



Laughing through infinity

Tickling the star dust

Within the body of humanity


By purities hands

Liberated into the presence of love

Care not my child

An angel speaks

Of the mirrors that glimmer

In another's eyes

Hold their gaze in love

For you have folded within

And now the scriptures

Are etched on your skin

And speak through your lips

And dance through your limbs

Dare to live

And reveal

The simplicity

Of the path

Towards enlightenment

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