Poem "Muse of Creation"

I want to see your hips

Spiraling in the candle light

Free as the flames

Burning on loves

Immortal fuel

Soft supple skin

Like an unpicked fruit

In the garden of

Eternal pleasure

Fierce and wild freedom

Of the song that plays

Every time you enter the space

Un bound by the masks

That cast shadows upon your beauty

You are beautiful

The woman who has turned within

To look upon the mirror

Of the eternal well

That ripples through infinity

Filled and overflowing

Your chalice of alchemical nectars

Your nutrients from the central path

Of self-love and acceptance

Every line and soft fold

A gift from the goddess

Of fertility and health

A reflection of her grace

And in this embrace

You, woman

Are free to dance

Without the confinements of

Limited ideals