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Poem "Death is transmutation"

Holy Rebel * Lilith * Respect her dance * And she will reveal her true essence * Its easy to project our fears into the darkness * Remember...

Hips spiral un-apologetically Lips part to taste the air Eyes shape shift to a sliver Of unwavering presence As she moves Everything else follows Midnight dewed Black roses Glisten on her skin Rebel woman Un apologetic woman Her curves spiral As the spider weaves its web Of her tapestry Trapping the un conscous Enable to rebirth it into the light Child of her mercy Bound in blood Bathed in her holy fire Unfolding into her pages I listen To the sounds of ancient drums And an electric guitar As her voice echoes Off the walls Her dance riding on the edge Holy rebel I bind you no longer In the bibles pages as a whore But as a saint of mysteries forgotten And found in the blood that cleanses My womb Your lightening purifies Me of confinement Purges my pain Humbles me, mind, body, and soul The sister of virginity and spring You complete me And rebirth me With your sight We laugh Fiercely in love As we kiss and roll on the earths floor Weaving star light between our hips Biting into the apples flesh Unlocking the mystery Scales glisten in the fires light Dragon wings take flight Power raptures the night We dare not to fear the darkness Liberating it From the shackles of humanities mind Deep diving into the Un-charted waters Of ourselves

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