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Poem "Breath of Life"

Within my minds eye The veils lift Revealing my home Of un tethered ecstasy Gifted to me just a glimpse A tease of my release

Take me Aphrodite Back to your ocean Of bliss To the temples kiss Where we live in peace

A place where my pearl formed In the caves along the shore Of my motherland Time never ending or beginning In this timeless essence

Where the priestesses Rise in honesty and purity With sight un masked Raw in our love In our devotion

Interchanging geometries Of plasmatic opal Pulsating with the breath Of creation We merge Effortlessly For there is nothing else to be

We make love To the rhythm of creations song Endlessly merging in union In heavenly bliss Angels wings wrap us Infolding into us

Mermaidens lift from the sea Soaring effortlessly In shape changing ecstasy Merging with the heart of the sun We swallow its nectar Sweetly dripping from crystalized sun fire Down our throats And into our hearts That burst open into a billion stars

Endless possibilities across the womb of space We create the ancient race Interplanetary connection Extra terrestrial travel Sacred unravel

Born from an angel with 9 wings Into a world with amnesia Moving through the thickets, thorns, and bites We guard ourselves In the walk of survival Until we remember That we are creator

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