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Poem "Declaration of Devotion"

She spoke to me

Through the lilies swaying under the

Star lit skies of Jerusalem

I watched her dance the tango

In the heat of Africa

As the lion preyed upon the kudu

She sang to me in the jungle

As I drank in her alchemical blood

Ayahausca pacha mama

Ayahausca shakra nita

She kissed me on the nile

As the wings of a cobra

Wrapped me in linen an

Anointed my flesh with its venom

I watched her die as the

New moon stretched across the starry sky

And she danced wild and naked

Blood dripping down her thighs

I surrendered to her

And fell to my knees in an adobe church

In new mexico

As the lady Magdalene stood with heart wide open

Wearing a crown of thorns and roses

I watched her long

Strong fingers reach

Inside a portal to

Guide the crown of innocence

Into this world

I felt her wrap her

warm thick black blanket

around my naked body

deep in the caves

of sacred Avalon

I followed her through a

Doorway of light

Into the realms of her heart

As she made love to me

From within

She moved me in ways of remembrance

Sliding pulsating silk

Between my legs and up my spine

Impregnating me with

A seed from her garden

I heard her sacred song

Echo across creation

Making ecstatic love

With the light of her lover

I flipped through the pages of her archetypal designs

Watching as she

Dipped her quill in the ink of mythos

I felt as she birthed me into this world

Anointing me with her blood and fluids

From her alchemical womb

Sweat dripped and skin torn

The goddess has no boundaries

No limitations

She is the birther of creation

Lover of Souls

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