Poem "Declaration of Devotion"

She spoke to me

Through the lilies swaying under the

Star lit skies of Jerusalem

I watched her dance the tango

In the heat of Africa

As the lion preyed upon the kudu

She sang to me in the jungle

As I drank in her alchemical blood

Ayahausca pacha mama

Ayahausca shakra nita

She kissed me on the nile

As the wings of a cobra

Wrapped me in linen an

Anointed my flesh with its venom

I watched her die as the

New moon stretched across the starry sky

And she danced wild and naked

Blood dripping down her thighs

I surrendered to her

And fell to my knees in an adobe church

In new mexico

As the lady Magdalene stood with heart wide open

Wearing a crown of thorns and roses

I watched her long

Strong fingers reach

Inside a portal to

Guide the crown of innocence

Into this world

I felt her wrap her

warm thick black blanket

around my naked body