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Poem "Dear Lover"

Dear lover of one, five, twenty, a thousand years

Do not miss a beat of our song

Touch me for the moment if fleeting

Unravel me

For we have only just begun our song

My body

A world in its own

Your body

A traveler

That knows it could spend lifetimes

And never discover all my wonders

Dear masculine wonderer

I invite you to sit at my table

And in exchange I ask for you unwavering presence

Together we can build

Around this first super

An empire of love

I kiss your feet

Not from a space of belittling thy self

But of a space of gratitude

The you my wonderer

Have touched your feet to the ground

And has aligned to your holy masculine

My hair washes your body

As the rain washes the dry earth

Quenching a thirst of a thousand lifetimes

The mother sees your gentle strength

Can feel the way you walk upon her and within her

And knows that though you are tempted

You do not pick and claim

The flowers of her temple

Present masculine

What a gift you bestow

And for that you will be crowned

And anointed a king

Beyond flesh and bone

Sophia speaks

Take my daughter

And weave her into

your light

Unravel her ribbon of self

And you will see the majesty of heaven

Kiss her spine in the way

You would kiss the ladder

Worship her flesh as you would

Touch a sculpture you are molding

Feel her rolling hills

And taste her bubbling spring

Enter only if the temple pulls you in

And she will bathe you

In pure love

And touch every scar

And every emotion

That was marked

By the false kings word of law

A king of separation and control

That casted spells

Upon the son of man

She will look into your eyes

And see you for the true king

Because a true queen knows her lover

*Dear Queen*

Do not fear the darkness

Allow its presence to hold you in its peace

And bridge your light

Into body and mind

Weaving a bridge within your DNA

That spirals through creation

Birther of worlds

Need not seek a room for your study

Close your eyes and look inside

Sensitize your presence

Your touch

Your body

Your breath


Tunnel of love

And feel the ever unfolding

Pedals of your flower

My goddess

Do not get lost in one story

Reading only one book

An entire lifetime

For you are a library

Within the sacred halls of Akasha

A shapeshifter

Mind reader

Super conductor

Temple builder





Worlds within worlds

Allow your maze to dissolve

Into an ever spiraling labyrinth

Every turn sink deeper into presence

And love brighter with every word

Unravel the spells of the false matrix

And enjoy int he holy queendom

Of your divine nature

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