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Magdalane, Mariam, Mary, Melissae....


I created this statue for alters and holding a frequency of love and remembrance. 

I sculpted it from clay and then I hand cast each and every statue with porceline. I then paint with acrylic gold or white paint. Because every statue is hand casted, each and everyone will be slightly different. 


The rose cannot live without the bee and the bee cannot live without the rose. Their relationship has been a love sotry of millions of years on this planet. And this love story has interwoven itself into the mystery schools of the ancient goddess culture that in many ways have been long lost and forgotten. But the mysteries live within us, and as we continue to awaken our bodies as the temples, and as the schools, there is a deeper cultivation of kundalini that occures. 


Kundalini is the primoridal force of creation, and when able to unravel within the body reveals the deep sleeping dragon of our human potential. The land of milk and honey lives within us, the DMT and seratonin. When the two mix heaven is unlocked within and the garden of the eternal is revealed and baptises our bodies in eternal love. 


In the Lost Gospel is states that Magdalene was a phonician bee priestess. This lineage leads back to the the oldest goddess statues ever discovered, which were bee goddeses. Throughout the fertile crecent of Turkey, Israel, greece and the middle east, Artemis was worshipped as the origin mother, what we now call Sophia. The mother of infinite names. Artemis of Ephesus reveals her body dressed in bees, roses, flying lions, sphinx's, cows, and other symbols of fertility. And upon her crown is a bee hive or a temple of heaven. Upon her chest is layers of queen egg cells of the honey bee. She is the origin in which her high priestesses are born upon the earth to speak in her holy name. 


In ephesus turkey you can visit her temples as well as Mother Mary's home after the crucifiction. Which I believe Mary moved 'back' to turkey to be with her fellow bee priestesses. To discover more about Mary's connection to the bees and the rose lineage you can purchase my API EL SOF mystery school package, which is a pre-recorded video series that goes into ancient HERstory and mystery school of the bees that unlock deeper aspects of ourselves. More information under Zefirah in the menu above. 


As the Rosicrucians say "When the rose blooms, the bees with come." 



Bee Priestess

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