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Healing Arts


Our conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg to the subconscious. Quantum hypnosis gives us the opportunity to become lucid within the dream of our own lives. When we give space to connect to this vast ocean of information of the akasha we can bring forth the lucidity of our daily patterns and karmas that keep us in blinding loops and bring forth awareness to embodied our souls dharma assisting in solidifying our path and direction. 

The DNA is the ladder of the corridor of our soul and body. This meaning it holds the memory of our physical ancestry, our souls remembrance of this dimensional plane (other lives), and the vastness of our experiences throughout our souls journey. Within the sessions the subconscious will only reveal what is necessary for this life and the current initiation and dharma we are currently in. 

My foundation in hypnosis is in the Deloris Cannon method, which focuses on the quantum akashic field of the vast exploration of our other lives, which eventually leads to mastering the lucid dreaming realms and merkabic navigational system. I have extended my own practices into my method of hypnosis as Deloris has said herself that we are evolving at a rapid rate, and therefore so should the teachings of exploring this method of healing. 

Contact me to see if we are a good fit for an in person session... 

Ancestral and Energetic Healing Sessions

One of my greatest passions is working with ancestral and DNA healing. This is a journey that involves deep diving into the ancestry with personalized ancestry work done by my grandmother. We begin to shamnically work with the ancestors to assist in the healing process within the body and DNA.

Alments and disease show up in the body for a variety of reasons, one of which being ancestral genetic trauma which shows up in the DNA as compression which in turn creates friction and stagnancy. We work with codes, frequencies, shamanic practices, and the subconscious to literally pen and expand the DNA to receive more energy and light in order to create room for the soul to enter fully into form. This creating deeper soverignty and expansion.



Contact me to see if we are a good fit for an in person session... 

vibrational healing and anointing

Frequency harmonics is a system that attunes the circuitry within the body through vibration, sound, light language, and energetic channeling. Sound is what gives life to the universe, and therefore if we are able to align our central running fork with the whole of creations central path, then we are able to live in resonance with the whole of life. 

It takes devotion to continue to harmonize the body in a world of such chaotic noise and vibration, but with he right tools we can use these systems to attain equal balance and deep peace. 

Light language is a multidimensional channeling that builds bridges between us and the dimensions beyond the veil, connecting us to the vastness of who we truly are and to awaken to our souls mission. I use light language as a tool to explore the subconscious and the akashic field to assist in peoples remembrance. 

I like to create customized packages for people based off of what best suits their current desires and soul journey. Please feel free to contact me and tell me a bit about yourself and your desire with working with me in this way. 

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