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Dream Awake

Awaken to Your Life

Are you asleep?

Allowing the subconscious layers of your psyche to control a large percentage of your experience? 


Are you awake within the dream. 

Fully present in the now. 

Its time to open all your eyes, and see with lens's un clouded.


We would like to take you to the deepest layers of your psyche with the guidance of love. For when love lights the way, we navigate our inner oceans with a compass that always will lead us to our highest destiny and potential. 

The mind, body, and spirit all connect into our DNA. In return connecting to the multi dimensional spectrum of who we are. A timeless essence exploring itself throughout time and evolution. During this evolutionary experience we journey in cycles of lessons that assist in developing a new species within the universe. We must experience the entire pendulum swing of our potential enable to become conscious creators of our own. 

In the dark side of the spectrum, we on earth are now arising from the dark night. As this occurs we must cleanse and un program our nervous system and minds from the trauma of past lives, as well as from this life. The DNA is the quantum navigational system of this exploration of healing and transmution. For we are the alchemists of a new era, and it is time to let the old burn and turn to ash, enable to resurrect innocence on the planet once more. 


What you will receive...


We have consciously learned how to walk the in-between and commune with the unseen layers within the AKASHA of our blueprint. We cannot see all, for no one can. But we can assist as a guide to the inner workings of the psyche and subconscious layers within your reality. 

Do you ever feel like you cannot remember most days?

Do you ever feel like life is moving too fast?

Do you ever feel like you wish you could be more present?

Do you want to create a full life in the lucidity of awareness? 

Within this program we will provide...

A single video Zoom call with Phoenix and Ashaweh


A series of online video classes in reflection of becoming lucid within your reality

An E-book on practices of breath work, physical movements, and meditations on becoming lucid 

Access to akashic wisdom of wakefulness within the universal spectrum 

A personal channeling from beyond the veil video

Musical meditations that Phoenix and Ashaweh have created to assist in opening your DNA spiral

and so much more...


Coming soon!

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