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Integration Counseling

What is Integration Counseling?

Integration Counseling is a service designed to bridge the “metaphysical” realm with your “physical” reality. It is a full spectrum approach to support your unique experience, so that you may utilize every aspect of a new and profound initiation, in your daily life.

"What use is a rocket without landing gear?"

Psychedelic Experiences

Mainstream use of psychedelics is increasing rapidly. Be it through clinical therapy, shamanic ceremony, or personal experimentation; psychedelics are becoming much more widely accepted by modern culture. As these modalities continue to gain popularity, I feel it is extremely important to open a market of service that helps to weave the lessons and challenges of these transformational experiences back into one’s daily life.

For those wondering whether or not a psychedelic journey is right for them, I also offer consultations on understanding what to expect, how to prepare, and proper dosage.


Spontaneous awakenings, metaphysical, and spiritual phenomena

The earth is changing fast. Human culture is on the precipice of a new era of conscious awareness. As we are faced with environmental decline and political chaos, awakening has become imperative to the survival of the planet. I believe that the earth itself is catalyzing rapid consciousness evolution in the human species in an attempt to save itself. Because of this, many people are beginning to have spontaneous, deep consciousness awakenings; some of which can be considered “kundalini awakenings”’. For some, these activations happen gradually over time, for others it can be very rapid and intense. Throughout these sessions, we will dive into the science of kundalini, its presence in ancient and sacred history, and explore practical integration methodologies that can activate our lives in service to the planet.

All too often, an initiatory “mystical” or unexplainable experience separates us from modern community. The majority of modern culture is not equipped to receive the transformative depth of a metaphysical experience. After such endeavors, we are often deeply sensitive and opened to a much greater sense of reality. Those seeking counsel are limited to current therapy modalities which often misdiagnose metaphysical experiences and can end up causing more harm than good.



I have been there.
This is what sets me apart from most current therapy practitioners. Personal experience has been one of my greatest teachers. I am here to reflect with you, peer to peer. After more than eleven years of direct counseling experience, I am prepared to face the unknown with you.

Feel free to read more about my personal experience by clicking here

As the director of Azura inc. I am proud to personally offer our board certified “integration counseling” programs for your unique experience.

For deeper counseling and therapeutic opportunities, we also offer immersive retreat packages here at our facility in Weaverville, NC.

To talk more about package pricing, and to assess whether I am the right mentor for you, please click the button below and schedule a complimentary 30 minute meeting


Most psychedelics are illegal in the United States. We do not facilitate psychedelic experiences at this time. I am not a doctor, and I do not offer medical treatment or diagnosis. Everything that Azura inc. offers is legally within our scope of practice.

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