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Api El Sof

The Land of Milk and honey Mystery School

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Kundalini Path of the Honey Bee

Esoteric School and Land Preservation Project 

A honey bee Mystery School Course

Online pre-recorded

Receive access to  over 10 hours of educational videos

Rituals and practices cultivating natural states of living in Sophia's garden and shamanic dreaming

Sexual healing and sensually awakening practices


Education on playing your role on assisting saving the honey bees 

"When the rose blooms, the bees will come." 

-Rosicrucian Proverb


About Zefirah's connection to the bees....

The bees first started entering my spiritual awareness 9 years ago. I remember the first bee priestess I ever met invoking a deep and mysterious feeling within my heart. It felt like home, yet felt so far away at that time; like a distant memory I could not quit remember. I saw her and thought, she is a true angel, so pure is she who loves the bees. It felt un-reachable until I received shakti-pot (the full rising of kundalini) several months later. 

During the intense kundalini transfer, I remembered other lives, and my multi dimensional self. Waves of memory and self realization began to rush into my awareness. Contact with other beings began to occur on a regular basis, and my life was forever changed. 

I had a peak experience that lasted two years until the integration process began anchoring my consciousness more deeply into my body. In this process I injured my spine which caused a chronic health process that went on and off for years. My body was acting as a map to the healing of my ancestry and my feminine essence on this planet and in the cosmos. 

And then the bees came, they arrived in the midst of intense kundalini initiations that were physically killing and resurrecting my physical body. They came and they revealed their hidden mystery school in the depth of "Sophia" and the fabric of creation. I walked in their eternal garden and met the great mother in full lucidity.

And now after 4 years of physically working with the hives I tend, they have invited me to share these teachings from my own personal experiences and initiations of the "apis" beings I am honored to call my allies and teachers.

I am a humble and eternal student to this path, and look forward to sharing this process  remembrance with all of you.

Below you can watch a video where I share more detailed experiences with the bees. 


What you will receive in this course



The journey of kundalini awakening in relation to the honey bees, and remembering ancient occult wisdom associated with the path of the Melissae and other Mediterranean mystery school practices...

Access to online videos


Ritual practices

Certified Azura membership (check out our church page for more information) 

A personal stay at azura


The online pre-recorded mystery school plus a personal stay with me and my beloved at our retreat temple, just outside of Asheville North Carolina. In your stay you will receive a personalized healing package that offers...


Having access to the facilities at Azura

Bee Bed therapy

Void journeying through our self created bath chamber

Oxygen therapy

Steam room and cold plunge therapy (Including niacin therapy if desired) 

Rife frequency healing

Cranial Sacral 

Hypnosis Therapy 

Ritualistic therapy for personal or couple healings

Personalized tour of the area and of endless waterfall opportunities 

Access to deep healing spring water

Miles of hiking and spring water 

Peaceful isolation from the business of the world 

Guidance for personal use or for couples

Includes three day, three night retreat

Education of the hive and the api being

Symbology of bees within the mystery school

Lucid dreaming with the bees

Rose lineage connection

Tending to the hive

Esoteric wisdom of the bees connection to our own bodies and spirit

how to be of service to the bees in reflection to the whole

Ancient and new ceremonial practices in the land of milk and honey

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