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Online Classes

Our online classroom videos cover a wide range of topics; including alchemy, modern wellness, Awareness and expansion techniques, sacred sexuality, Masculine/Feminine embodiment, and much more

The Destructive Truth Behind Porn


Live video presentation on Zoom

12pm Eastern Standard time

All who sign up will recieve

the recorded version as well


A Shamanic perspective on the destructive trap of porn and how it is siphoning the creation life force of the planet. 

We will discuss the truth behind some of the origin wounds of the masculine, and how they are being enslaved by the dark feminine force that is channeling a higher entity.

We must see with eyes wide open if we are to free ourselves into true liberation. 


After your purchase you will receive an automatic email with the link to the live call.

Healing the oracle wound


Live video presentation on Zoom

1:00 PM Eastern Standard time

All who sign up will recieve

the recorded version as well


We will journey into the origin wound and how that has shifted down the dimensional layers into the microcosmic perspective. 

We will explore ancient HERstory and the proceedings of events that occurred that lead to the fall of the oracle. 

We will also reflect upon methods that assist in healing this wound so that we may grow from it and resurrect the oracle from within. 



Union Codex


Union Codex is a course based on finding deeper union with self, beloved, and all of life. 

We will be deep diving into the under currents of the patterns and systems that keep up in unhealthy loops within our reality. 

While exploring the inner workings of conscious relationships and the internal mysteries of their potential.

Course releasing august 14th 2022

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