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A z u r a s   V i s i o n 

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For the benefit of humanity 

Azura's Land Vision

Azura purchased 30 acres high in the mountains of Appalachia. We have built a home and retreat center, which now includes a fruit orchard, organic vegetable gardens, roses, wildflowers, and an apiary/school for beetending. Additionally, we have a creekside rentals  with a tapped natural spring containing lithium, silver, platinum, and silica.

We are in the process of Wanting to create...

a structure to house weddings, dance events, teacher trainings, and healing retreats. This space will be designed as an open-air Greek pagoda, with columns wrapping around a stained platform, a domed roof, and stained glass. We envision climbing roses adorning the columns, surrounded by lush flower gardens. The building site offers long-distance, sunset mountain views.

Included in this project is a saltwater infinity pool with an underwater sound system that connects to the music streamed from the temple.

pyramid home design
Apiary research and re-wilding school

At Azura, we are devoted to creating solutions for the rapidly vanishing honey bee and local pollinator populations.

Without the honey bee, humanity would have only four years to live on this planet. Seventy percent of all food depends on the honey bee's pollination.

The patriarchal system, established through manipulation and brute force, is taking a toll on our bees and natural resources.

At this pivotal time, we are humble students of the bees.

We are devoted to the survival of the Honey Bee. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about education opportunities

Natural abundance project 


We are developing a “village” style community for low-income families, designed to inspire a natural state of prosperity.

These villages will be built using Monolithic Dome’s “Ecoshell” design structures. Each village will include central community gardens and trails throughout the property. These low-cost structures can be built very quickly and sustainably, and Ecoshells are designed to last hundreds of years.

Imagine replacing a trailer park with small domes and beautiful gardens. How might this inspire residents to thrive and rise out of a poverty-based mindset?

Nature is inherently abundant. When we work with the land rather than against it, Earth’s natural abundance becomes an integral part of our lifestyle.

Seraphim Lounge


photo taken from Holistika in Tulum Mexico retreat center

 (inspiration photo)

Monolithic dome restaurant, elixir bar, dance, and yoga venue conglomerate; offering high-end farm to table cuisine with a futuristic/angelic design theme.

Onsite greenhouse and gardens for year round organic produce

Outdoor seating amongst plants and aquaponic water features

New age retail shop to sell in-house products and more

Birthing Sanctuary 


Ancient, yet modern birthing facility designed to nurture every aspect of the birthing process

Onsite counseling and planning for pre/post conception and birth

Private, warm, cozy, salt cave water birthing rooms

Licensed, medical staff members with onsite access to state of the art medical technologies; the client can relax, knowing that they are safe in case of emergency

To explore our full business plans, and to discuss investment opportunities, please contact us here.

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